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Eat My Words: We review Holy Moly in Newark

Holy Moly if I wasn’t stuffed and with a smile from ear to ear after that meal, I don’t know what I was.

As a big fan of carbs and flavour, I decided that the perfect end to a work day and to provide some physical and psychological comfort just before heading to a council meeting was some Mexican food.

Be it the cheesy crunchy nachos or the massively filled burrito, I had it once, I had it twice and I would have it again.

Holy Moly
Holy Moly

A popular restaurant in town, Holy Moly used to operate on Stodman Street but in June 2023 it reopened at the Fox and Crown pub on Appletongate, Newark.

With a friendly staff member who advised on how to eat your burrito, you should also be taught how to find space in your belly to have it all.

One of the interesting things about the restaurant is not only its delicious Mexican options but that it is located inside a pub, which despite not providing the most traditional Mexican atmosphere, has a great friendly vibe where you get the best of both worlds.

After a long day I was starving and I was extremely happy when the food came to the table about 10 to 15 minutes after we ordered.

To get it started and satisfy my cravings, we ordered a nacho sharing plater which cost £7.50 and it was the perfect size for two people. Very very cheesy (which I loved and will never say no to more cheese) and also included homemade pico de gallo salsa, sour cream, jalapenos and crunchy tortilla chips, it was a delicious starter or the perfect mid-day snack for someone who wasn’t as hungry as we were.

For a main, I ordered a vegetarian burrito and once again (as I had ordered it the first time I visited the restaurant) I was surprised by how big and full it was, especially after having all those nachos.

Nachos at Holy Moly
Nachos at Holy Moly
Rob Currell at Holy Moly
Rob Currell at Holy Moly

After having the first bite my mouth watered but I also stopped in time with concern. Is this pork? It was my first thought considering my friend Rob had ordered the Pork Cochinite burrito. To relieve my momentary stress, no it wasn’t, it just seemed like meat but thankfully it was merely a replacement and all the different flavours and textures inside my burrito made me question.

I added guacamole to my burrito and it was the perfect amount of creaminess mixed with all the other ingredients. Although I ended the meal saying holy moly with how fool and tasty the food was.

The proportions were perfect if not too much in the best way possible and the flavours were a rich and entertaining combination.

Burritos and nachos at Holy Moly
Burritos and nachos at Holy Moly

Not having tried the pork burrito, I can only rely on Rob’s opinion as a meat lover and someone whose food taste I have in high regard.

He described his burrito as being full of flavour, really nice, quite simple but with complex flavours.

He said: “I love Mexico and I love Mexican food, I probably have been to Mexico well over half a dozen times over the years and the food here is really authentic and tastes amazing.”

I believe that Holy Moly is the perfect example that sometimes the most simple of food can be the best and not only a safe bet but a tasteful one.

Eat My Words logo
Eat My Words logo

Out of five:

Food: The food was incredible and I will recommend it over and over again, perfect meal for the end of the way. *****

Drink: We only had a coke and a bottle of water but considering it was a pub it had a great range of drinks. *****

Decor: The restaurant is based inside a pub so the decoration is nothing like you would expect of a Mexican restaurant which makes it quite quirky and different ****

Staff: Staff were helpful as the waitress told us how to unwrap the burritos and the right way to eat it, that was both funny and interesting. ****

Price: The price for two burritos and a sharing platter of nachos came to a total of £30.90 which I believe was a very good price in consideration the food’s quality and quantity. ****

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