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Residents share dissatisfaction on Facebook following GAME on Saint Marks Place, Newark, announcing closure

Following the closure announcement of another big name in town, the public has shared their dissatisfaction on social media.

On Thursday (March 21), the Advertiser shared the news that GAME on Saint Marks Place, Newark had announced it would cease trading at the store on April 7.

Members of the public shared their opinions to the news on Facebook, with common concerns including the number of empty shops and the decrease in footfall in the town centre.

GAME to close doors in Newark
GAME to close doors in Newark

The chain company was another big name leaving the town following others such as Wilko, Wetherspoons and Marks and Spencer.

The premises have been home to game shops for more than 20 years, initially being Game Station before being bought by the FRASER group and named GAME.

“Why don't they just close all the shops in town ASAP and convert them all to flats/apartments, we are nearly there already, was it only last week the council were wanting ideas to bring more footfall into the town,” commented Lee Yeomans.

Tom Leggott said: “I call that side of town the dead side, half of shops empty. Welcome to Newark, flats and vape shops are the speciality

Also I think game are discontinuing sale of second hand games. Retailers also make little to no money on new games.”

Robin Proctor commented that the same people complaining about the store’s closure are also the same ones buying products online from big names such as Amazon.

“Soon Amazon and other big online companies will have a shopping monopoly,” added Robin Proctor.

The FRASER group have been approached for a comment regarding their decision to cease trade, however, they have not disclosed any information.

Sandy Bannatyne said: “Councils up and down the land have no interest in our history, our heritage, our culture they are only interested in money and the easiest way to get money is from council tax it can be risen as much as they like and we just stand about like dumb morons and say nothing.

“The future is overcrowded towns and cities with residential properties very little parking and communities close to each other ending up in fights and fallouts.

“It happened in Glasgow with tenement flats and it will happen here putting people too close to each other only ends up in trouble.

“Why do you think no government wants to control legal and illegal immigration? They make a fortune out of it”

Lu Duke commented: “I remember when Newark was a thriving market town...and the precinct was a hangout on Saturdays for us teenagers to just chill with friends.

“Newark will have NOTHING but bloody housing estates b4 long.”

Chris Whitehead said: “Suprise Suprise, another long serving shop lost! Newark's not worth getting out of the car for now.”

Many comments on the Advertiser’s Facebook page shared their belief the store will be converted into flats like other buildings around the town — inlcuding the large-scale transformation of nearby 34 Stodman Street, which used to house a large Marks and Spencers store.

Chris Speed said: “From what I understand, it’s not because of Game themselves, they were happy to pay the extortionate rental fees as it does make money.

“Reportedly, the owner of the building wants it for flats.”

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