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General Election 2019: In their own words, Newark constituency candidates on why you should vote for them

The electorate is set to head to the polls tomorrow (Thursday) to vote in the General Election.

Newark and Bingham candidates across the four main parties ­— Labour, Conservative, Liberal Democrat and Green ­— have had their say on why they should be elected.

Below, the four candidates tell you, the voter, why you should opt for them.

General Election 2019.
General Election 2019.

Robert Jenrick ­— Conservative candidate

It has been a great privilege to represent our area in parliament.

I believe I have always worked hard, acted with integrity, made sure your voice is heard ­— including by voting at every turn for Brexit because a clear majority of local people did in the referendum ­— and above all, achieved a great deal.

I have campaigned successfully for the £450m Newark northern bypass to end the gridlock around the town.

Newark Conservative candidate Robert Jenrick.
Newark Conservative candidate Robert Jenrick.

I have campaigned for high standards in local schools and we have seen a transformation in recent years, with every secondary school now rated good or outstanding.

I have always defended Newark Hospital and my campaigns for a new CT scanner, for cancer services and for hips and knees have succeeded.

With a strong economy we are now investing records amounts into the NHS, including planning the complete rebuild of the Queen’s Medical Centre, Nottingham.

I try to be as accessible and active as possible.

My coach trips have now helped 6,000 local people come down to Parliament. And I support community life wherever I can.

I love this beautiful, friendly area and want to see it continue to thrive.

I believe having a strong voice in Parliament can make a real difference.

We need to break the deadlock in Parliament. We need to get Brexit done.

Then we can truly move on to all the other priorities and unleash the potential of this great country.

I would be honoured if you would support me once again.

David Watts ­— Liberal Democrat candidate

This is the most important general election for a generation.

We need to decide what sort of Britain we want to be.

Do we want to be an open, tolerant and warm society, or do we want to be a closed away, isolated and poor island?

Newark Liberal Democrat candidate David Watts.
Newark Liberal Democrat candidate David Watts.

I want to build a better future for the UK.

If elected, I will work tirelessly for the people of Newark.

I will be an MP focused not on climbing the greasy pole of power, but of getting the best deal for my constituents.

I will not take you for granted, but guarantee to reply to correspondence and to be an active representative for people here.

I have three main aims in this campaign ­— to stop Brexit, to tackle climate change, and to protect the NHS.

I believe that any sort of Brexit will be harmful to the UK and our local farmers will face a very uncertain future if we have a no-deal Brexit.

Tackling the climate emergency is even more important, and I try to lead by example.

My carbon footprint is now zero.

The NHS is the jewel in the crown of the UK and I am horrified at the thought of it being sold off.

Please don’t buy into the myth that this election is between Labour and Conservative.

The Lib Dems offer a better alternative and, unlike the other parties, the Institute for Fiscal Studies say that our proposals add up financially.

Vote Lib Dem for a warmer, more caring country.

James Baggaley ­— Labour candidate

I grew up in Newark and it’s a place that I love, but like many communities in our region it is being let down by a Conservative government that is failing to tackle the big challenges.

Speaking to people across the constituency I have heard how the economy has squeezed family budgets, leaving many struggling to make ends meet.

It’s why our plans are for large-scale investment in communities like Newark, Bingham and Southwell.

Newark Labour candidate James Baggaley. (24000334)
Newark Labour candidate James Baggaley. (24000334)

I am proud that the Labour Party is leading the way with the Green New Deal, a transformative plan to tackle the climate crisis.

The Green New Deal would allow us to lead again by combining the removal of fossil fuels with the creation of new skilled jobs in green technology.

I have campaigned and worked to create opportunities for lifelong learning, which will be key to raising wages and improving living standards.

Finally, our country has been torn apart by the Tory chaos of the last three years.

Now this Conservative government, led by Boris Johnson ,is proposing a hard Brexit that would lead to deregulation, the removal of workers’ rights and the selling off of our NHS piece by piece to the US under president Donald Trump.

Under the Conservative plan, we will be stuck in years of negotiations with the European Union.

I am proud that the Labour Party and I will give the people of Newark the final say on their future with a final vote on whether take the deal or remain.

In Labour’s plans we have the chance to build a better, more hopeful future for Newark and Britain.

Jay Henderson ­— Green candidate

I have worked out of the area for both private and public bodies but I have always lived in the town of Newark.

This is a good place to live for many reasons, including good transport links, beautiful countryside and a very rich history.

But we also face some dreadful local issues.

Newark Green Party candidate Jay Henderson.
Newark Green Party candidate Jay Henderson.

Low wages (nearly £10K per annum below the national average, plumplot.co.uk) coupled with low social mobility (State Of The Nation report) mean that if you live here chances are that you are poorer and no amount of hard work is likely to change that.

Local businesses want to pay higher wages but are restricted by market uncertainty and government regulations.

If elected, I will seek to change that.

We also face truly daunting international issues, such as climate change, which will affect us locally.

The Environment Agency pre-warned us that we will see increased flooding in our historically flood prone valley, evident recently.

I am standing because I envision hope, despite the troubles that we face.

The Green Party has no whips so I can truly represent you.

No one will tell me how to vote so I will seek business, employment and educational opportunities for this area, often centred around combating climate change.

I will practice cooperative, sensible and proactive politics, being bold when needed.

I will depart from the partisan and extremism we are now seeing.


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