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General Election 2019: Sherwood constituency candidates in their own words as to why you should vote for them

The electorate is set to head to the polls tomorrow (Thursday) to vote in the General Election.

Five candidates are vying for the Sherwood constituency, representing Labour, Conservative, Liberal Democrat, Green ­and an independent, and have had their say on why you should vote for them.

Below, the five tell you, the voter, why you should opt for them.

General Election 2019. (21001411)
General Election 2019. (21001411)

Jerry Hague ­— Labour candidate

I am pleased the country now has the opportunity to choose a different future based on positive policies from a Labour government that will create a fairer and more united society.

I believe the main role of an MP is to represent all sections of the community and put the interests of constituents first.

We need to pull together as a society and heal the divisions that have become ever wider, both financially and socially, ensuring that each individual has the opportunity to achieve their potential.

Sherwood Labour candidate Jerry Hague. (24007901)
Sherwood Labour candidate Jerry Hague. (24007901)

I will continue to campaign throughout Sherwood for our NHS, schools, police and council services and for fair pensions for ex-miners and Women Against State Pension Inequality.

I will fight for the investment needed in our economy and infrastructure, including the A614, to reverse the effects of nine years of Conservative austerity and broken promises.

I also pledge to support an immediate ban on fracking to protect the historic Sherwood Forest and tackle the climate crisis.

On Brexit, Labour will be the only party offering the people the final say on an agreed deal or remain which will resolve Brexit within six months, ending further uncertainty and negotiations.

I know from the thousands of doors I have knocked on that the public has become fed up with the political process and the broken promises from leading politicians.

This election is the chance for Sherwood public to vote for real change and I will offer voters the choice to elect an MP who will put their interests first.

Mark Spencer ­— Conservative candidate

I am standing as the Conservative Parliamentary candidate for Sherwood in the upcoming election.

It has been an honour to have been the MP for Sherwood since 2010, and I am standing once again on my record as the local MP, and on a commitment to support the Prime Minister to finally get Brexit done.

Three years ago the country and the constituency voted to leave the European Union.

Sherwood Conservative candidate Mark Spencer.
Sherwood Conservative candidate Mark Spencer.

Since then, our attempts to fulfil this outcome have been thwarted again and again by a deadlocked parliament.

This election gives us the chance to elect a new Parliament that will stop blocking Brexit and allow us to finally fulfil the results of the 2016 EU referendum.

I was born here in Sherwood, I went to school here and live here still. My children were born and raised here.

This is my home, and I want to continue representing it down in Westminster.

I think an area like Sherwood requires and deserves someone who knows it inside out, not just our towns and our villages, but also the people who live here.

We have achieved so much across Sherwood over the last nine years I have been MP.

Currently, I’m working hard on my campaign to get the A614 improved.

So far I have managed to secure an extra £18m to make the A614 and the Ollerton roundabout safer.

I hope that you will once again vote for me to continue the work we have started here in Sherwood.

Timothy Ball ­— Liberal Democrat candidate

I live locally in the constituency of Sherwood and have been involved in liberal politics all my adult life.

During my career I have worked in both the private and public sectors and appreciate the immense strengths that both sectors bring to our prosperity and quality of life.

Our country’s politics has polarised over the last few years. The Conservatives have lurched to the right while Labour has lurched to the left.

Sherwood Liberal Democrat candidate Timothy Ball. (24008008)
Sherwood Liberal Democrat candidate Timothy Ball. (24008008)

They are both offering simplistic, populist solutions and irresponsible spending promises that would wreck our economy for years to come if implemented.

It has never been more important to support the Liberal Democrats so that our country’s finances and economy can be managed competently and responsibly.

That would mean that we could invest in our public services and infrastructure sustainably for the long-term.

Our responsible and costed plans will mean that we will also have the resources we will need to tackle climate change in Britain.

By keeping the UK in the European Union we would have much more influence around the world in order to address climate change globally as well.

I am delighted to be representing the Liberal Democrats in my home area of Sherwood.

Every vote for the Liberal Democrats is a vote to stop the Brexit chaos and keep Britain in the European Union, where it is stronger and more prosperous.

Please help us to build a brighter future here in Sherwood and for our United Kingdom by supporting the Liberal Democrats.

Esther Cropper ­— Green candidate

Residents of the Sherwood constituency should vote for me to be their Green Party Member of Parliament because I will fight for their future and that of their children, grandchildren and subsequent generations.

I have lived in the area for almost 17 years. I became a town councillor in Newark earlier this year and I am dedicated to supporting the local area, its people and its places.

Now is the time to stand up and press for positive change.

Sherwood Green candidate Esther Cropper.
Sherwood Green candidate Esther Cropper.

Instead of the small steps that other parties are proposing, we need bold measures that support all in society and take the long view, to reduce further degradation of the environment and give everyone the chance of a good quality of life.

We are living in a Climate Emergency and some effects of climate change, such as flooding, are already visible within Sherwood and even more so in many places around the world.

As a Green Party MP I will support a comprehensive whole-system approach to support everyone’s physical and mental wellbeing whilst enabling individuals, organisations and businesses to take measures to tackle the Climate Emergency.

The Green Party’s Green New Deal will mean reforms to housing, transport, energy usage, food, waste, public services and farming.

This will bring jobs to Sherwood, support those that need it most, strengthen communities, and protect our beautiful green spaces.

Vote Green Party and with ambitious targets and a positive drive, we can work together to create a more sustainable society in every way.

Simon Rood ­— Independent candidate

Are you, like me, sick and tired of what we have seen in British politics over the last three years?

Lies and deadlock from all major political parties ­— personally I have had enough.

A vote for the major parties means more of the same, more rotten excuses.

Sherwood Independent candidate Simon Rood. (24007969)
Sherwood Independent candidate Simon Rood. (24007969)

A vote for me is the first stage in launching my own political party, The Rood Party.

I believe we can do better as a country and our political class is broken and detached from the reality of modern life.

Choose Jeremy Corbyn and we will be bust as a country.

Labour governments spend until there’s no more money left and people suffer for their inability to manage our economy.

Choose Boris Johnson and who knows what will happen.

There is no certainty with a Prime Minister who fails to tell the truth.

I propose:

Leave means leave so I propose we Brexit on World Trade Organisation terms.

MPs are paid the minimum wage. They invented it let us see how they survive.

Scrap the House of Lords.

A minimum wage of £12.50 per hour.

Double disability benefits.

Reduce corporation tax to 10%.

Double the salaries of public sector workers.

I am ex HM forces. We need to end the witch-hunt of ex-service men and women.

Ensure more funding into the Sherwood ward ­— creating jobs and wealth for all.

Stop the abhorrent waste of public funds and make our country benefit everybody not just the few.



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