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Reader's letter: Green energy questioned

I have just renewed my home energy contract and, despite shopping around, am astonished by the vast increase in cost, much of which is hidden green tariffs imposed by our government.

The company I have chosen promises 100% renewable energy, and so do at least 12 other energy companies.

This is very hard to understand when there is a regular blight of available renewable energy.

May I suggest that your readership, including our political representatives, look to the internet if possible and bookmark this website https://grid.iamkate.com/ where one can see at any time the various fuels supplying our electricity including wind and solar.

On August 19, for example, at 08.31am when most people were already up, solar energy was giving us 2.7% and the myriad of wind generators across our hills and countryside and spread around much of our coast could only give us 1.9% ­— a total of 4.7%.

We did get 6.7% from biomass, which is almost wholly from Drax power station burning trees from North America and elsewhere at a rate that defies the ability to renew them and emitting more CO2 than had it stuck to burning coal, so should not really be classified as renewable.

So overall this was a total of between 4.7% and (with Drax) 11.4%.

The question is, how can our suppliers (British Gas, OVO, EON, nPower, Scottish Power, Shell , Octopus Bulb, Green, Good, Bristol, Ecotricity, GEUK etc) all give us 100% renewable energy? ­— Colin Southgate, Coddington.

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