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Harry and Ella top for tots names

By Peter Harris


The most popular names in the Advertiser’s birth announcements in 2007 were Harry and Ella, both bucking the trend nationally.

In our columns, there were seven Harrys, which overtook the top name of 2006, Jack.

Five boys were given that name in 2007, although nationally Jack remained parents’ favourite for the 13th consecutive year, followed by Charlie, Thomas and Oliver.

Harry was fifth nationally.

Harrison, George and Oliver were also popular locally, each with four.

For girls in the Advertiser area, there were eight Ellas, six of whom had two names including Ella Amelia, Ella Jay and Ella Mae.

Ruby and Grace jointly came second, with five children sharing each. Nationally, Grace was the most popular, with Ruby second, followed by Olivia and Emily.

Olivia and Faith were also popular locally, each with three in the Advertiser’s columns.

Mr and Mrs David Pearson, of Swinderby Close, Newark, named their second child Harry.He was born on August 21. They also have a three-year-old daughter, Ella.

Mrs Natasha Pearson (27) said both names were chosen before they were born. Her father’s middle name is Harold and that gave the couple the idea of naming their son Harry.

“They are names that people will remember and I thought were quite rare, especially with Ella. I find that you can make more of yourself in life if your name stands out a bit so that people remember you,” she said.

Mrs Pearson said that Ella had become more popular over the years.

Mr and Mrs Alan Brown, of Mulberry Lane, Maythorne, had their second child, a girl, on July 13. They chose to call her Ella Jay, and also have a son, Charlie, who is two.

Mr Brown chose Ella because his wife, Mrs Emma Brown, chose their son’s name.

Mrs Brown was surprisedthe name was so popular because she didn’t know anyone whonamed their child Ella last year.

“I like the name. It really suits her,” she said.

Previously, Mrs Brown had heard only of Ella Fitzgerald, the American jazz singer.

Old fashioned names grew in popularity in 2007, with Mika’s hit record Grace Kelly and the Kaiser Chiefs’ Ruby thought to have helped the increase in the top two names nationally.

More unusual names locally included Orla, Liberty and Makayla for girls and Rio, Rocky and Samson for boys.

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