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The Newark Advertiser asked people if they think floods have been getting worse over the past years and the cause of it following storm Babet floods

In its weekly voxpop, the Advertiser found out people’s opinions about the floods and its cause.

After Storm Babet brought a month’s worth of rainfall in one day, numerous places across the district end up flooded.

People had to be evacuated from their houses, businesses had to shut and roads were closed.

The Advertiser went out to hear people’s opinions if floods have been getting worse over the past few years and what is causing it.

It has gotten worse because they are building so many houses, there is no greenland left, everything is gone,” said Karen Westacott.

She added: I am from Balderton and it used to be all fields but to be honest there are no fields left, it’s concrete after concrete after concrete and I just don’t think the drainage can’t take it.”

Hugh Drader said: I don’t think they are getting any worse.I know that the bypass built was supposed to alleviate some of the problems, it has until a point but it is only when we get a larger amount of rain that it does flood.

“We are on a footplane, so it will happen anyway, isn’t it? We can’t do much about it.”

Steven Cumberpatch
Steven Cumberpatch

Emma Edwards said: “Floods are more prominent now and I think the reason is dredge with us and a bit old school, that is what it used to happen in the day.

“I think if the water authorities did a bit of clearing up of the rivers we wouldn’t have as much water as we get.”

Philipa Bason said: “I think they are getting worse because of the climate.

“In my particular case, in our village, the drains have been a lot to blame but they have been sorted out and we still get a lot of flooding.”

Bill Thompson said: “They think they got it right but unfortunately the weather is getting worse than it was before so it is flooding again.

“I don’t think the floods are worse but the weather is.”

Marge Bayne said: “I am not sure if it is worse or not. I live in Farndon which is just flooded, that flood we just had was not as bad as the flood of 2000.

“We were living there at the time. What is disturbing is the flooding alone, where they are going to put that new Southern bypass, there’s a lot of water around there, if it floods now, when they do a bit more work that can only get worse and the people responsible for doing that need to sort it out.”

What is your opinion? Do you think floods have been getting worse the past few years? And what is causing it?

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