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The Old King Arms pub in Newark Nottinghamshire has self funded a bleed control kit after their defibrillator which they also purchased themselves has already saved four lives this year

A town centre pub has become the first place in Newark to install a bleed control kit, said staff.

The installation of the potentially life-saving kit was funded by patrons of the Old King Arms Pub.

The important equipment is now housed in a box on the outside of the Old King Arms Pub on Kirk Gate, Newark, and operates on a code system — similar to the more familiar defibrillator boxes.

David Smith and Nicole Baker from The Old King Arms Pub infront of the life saving equipment.
David Smith and Nicole Baker from The Old King Arms Pub infront of the life saving equipment.

The bleed control kit is located below the pub's defibrillator box which was installed earlier this year.

Since the defibrillator installation, — which was also funded by customers of the pub — it has saved four people's lives.

The defibrillator has saved someone on average, just over every two months.

On at least one occasion, a business has rung the pub for help and they have responded with the life-saving equipment.

Now the customers of the pub are hoping the bleed control kit can also help save lives.

A bleed control kit otherwise known as a trauma kit is specifically designed to handle life-threatening bleeding.

The vital new equipment’s box has a logo incorporating Daniel Baird.

The Daniel Baird Foundation Charity was set up after the organiser’s brother and son Daniel Baird was fatally stabbed.

“He was just 26 years of age when the stabbing occurred in the early hours of 8th July 2017, outside The Forge Tavern, Digbeth in Birmingham following a night out with friends,” said a spokesman from the charity.

“There was no first aid or bleeding control kit available. Dan died shortly after arriving at hospital due to catastrophic bleeding.

“Dan was out with his friends having a good time. His life should not have ended in this tragic way. Had there been a public accessible bleeding control pack available Dan may still be with us.

“However there are many other ways for a catastrophic bleed to occur, such as from a car accident or a work related injury.”

“We believe that having publicly accessible bleeding control packs in all major shopping centers, pubs/clubs, public transport stations, all public is vital to provide the necessary first aid to reduce blood loss until professional medical help arrives.

“For the cost of a kit, a life could be saved and their family spared lifelong grief knowing that they could perhaps have survived.”

The new bleed control Kit.
The new bleed control Kit.

A person can die well within five minutes from massive loss of blood unless someone finds where the bleeding is coming from and knows how to stop it.

The kit at the Old Kings Arms contains the following items:

A large trauma dressing – This item is designed to control moderate


ChitoGauze® XR Pro – A haemostatic gauze dressing that is very

effective, designed to control moderate to very severe haemorrhage

A Fox Seal Chest Seal – An innovative dressing for emergency

management of penetrating chest wounds

A tourniquet – This easy-to-use item is for stopping the flow of blood

to the arms or legs, a belt can also be used for this purpose if


Two pairs of disposable gloves for personal protection.

Scissors – emergency sheers for quickly and effectively removing


Emergency foil blanket – this item keeps the patient warm and

protected from the elements.

CPR Face Mask – If CPR is required the face shield protects the user.

Marker Pen – This is used to note the time a tourniquet is applied –

this is important when a hospital comes to remove it later.

"We previously raised money for the defibrillator through customers in the pub donating," said the Old King Arms landlord David Smith.

David Smith and Nicole Baker from The Old King Arms Pub said the customers raised the funds needed for both pieces of life saving kit.
David Smith and Nicole Baker from The Old King Arms Pub said the customers raised the funds needed for both pieces of life saving kit.

"There was no other bleed kit in town when we started fundraising for it.

"The bleed control kit is a piece of equipment that could save anyone's life.

"It was over 600 pounds for everything so it is a credit to the people that come here to the pub that they have achieved this, we cannot thank them enough.

"If we use the bleed kit, it costs £85 to replace that component.

"We are a community-based pub and we pride ourselves on giving back to our town.

"Our customers are fantastic and they see the importance of projects like this and the benefits they bring."

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