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Reader's letter: Honest leaders urgently needed

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Too long in the EU and our politicians have lost the ability to make decisions and lead the country. The government is not fit for purpose.

Too long in the EU and our civil servants have lost the ability to enact government policy. There are endless waits at the DVLA, the Passport Office and other government agencies. A Civil Service not fit for purpose.

Too long in the EU and industries dependant on cheap labour from abroad are no longer able to thrive. Hospitality, farming, and other industries, are whining about a lack of workers. Industry is not fit for purpose.

Of course, the pandemic and the war in the Ukraine have not helped but for how long can they be blamed for the state of services in the UK?

Scotland is regrettably a good example of my concerns. Poor education, poor mental health services, blossoming illegal drug use, excessive spending on ship building and many other problems.

It is an example of a part of the UK that totally depends on handouts from an outside source (England).

I am not even heartened by the possibility of an election changing things. They are all as bad as each other.

Where is there someone with integrity, honesty, vitality and commitment to lead our country? ­— D. GREEN, Balderton.

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