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Erin McDaid of Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust — Hopes to overcome disconnect with nature

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The Eurasian beaver (Castor fiber) was once widespread across the UK and as ‘nature’s engineers’ played a crucial role in shaping our wetland landscapes from prehistoric times through until it was hunted to extinction in the 16th Century.

The demise of this wonderfully-charismatic species in turn precipitated and accelerated the loss of the varied mosaic of meres, mires, lakes, tarns and boggy areas that they are so brilliantly designed and built to create.

Beaver release. Photo: Jim Connolly (53282258)
Beaver release. Photo: Jim Connolly (53282258)

While many of our larger native mammals, such as wolves, wild boar and beavers, were harried and hunted out of existence, others have disappeared due to a combination of factors, from persecution and disturbance by humans to habitat degradation and loss.

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