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Lisa Hartford has launched Key Hypnotherapy Solutions, based on Old Lincoln Road in Caythorpe.

After turning to hypnotherapy when suffering from poor health, a woman has started her own business.

Key Hypnotherapy Solutions, based on Old Lincoln Road in Caythorpe, Lincolnshire is the brainchild of Lisa Hartford.

Lisa decided to follow her passion to help improve people’s mental and physical wellbeing after suffering from poor mental health herself, as well as suffering from two strokes and having to undergo key-hole heart surgery in 2015.

An accountant by profession, once she recovered she was determined to keep well, but also to help other people take control of their lives and see things from a more positive perspective.

Lisa said: “Before I was ill, I always had a thing where I wanted to help people, and when I got better, I decided to help people who have been through the same thing as me.”

“But I fell back into accounting, then last summer I just thought to myself, what am I doing? I’ve always wanted to help people so I decided to go for it.”

Hypnotherapy is regularly used as a tool to help people deal with issues, including addictions, anger, blood pressure, weight control, lack of confidence, insomnia, panic attacks, phobias, stress, and sports and exam performances.

Lisa heard about the benefits of hypnotherapy and decided to train to offer a talking therapy that combines the use of psychotherapy with hypnosis, where Lisa and the client focus on what is going on in their lives and come up with positive solutions.

Afterwards, the client is put into a relaxed state where Lisa calmly talks to them about positive things.

Afterten months of training, including working with volunteer clients, Lisa handed in her notice and has now qualified as a psychotherapist specialising in hypnotherapy with Clifton Practice Hypnotherapy Training (CPHT).

She said: “I try to help people empty their stress buckets by focusing on the good things in their lives, which helps them to empty the bucket and prevent it from refilling and cope with whatever life throws at them in the future.”

Lisa offers everyone a free initial consultation and, over a coffee or tea, explains why your brain is making you feel the way you do and how working together she can help you move forward with your life, find your true self, and get back on track.

She said: “I try to explain how the brain works so they can see how it all links in, and help people to come to a healthy, more positive life.”

Part of Lisa’s therapy includes asking a client how they would feel if they saw an angry polar bear outside a window, how their anxiety levels would go up and how this relates to life.

Then you talk about what your polar bear is and what makes you anxious, and and work on focused hypnotherapy to help them find a solution.

Lisa said: “Everyone knows what makes them happy. I help them to take that first step to finding happiness.”

Lisa is a member of Mind, a mental health charity, and has raised £6,000 for Mind over the past few years, including running the London Marathon in 2017.

She said: “I was new to running, but I am now very aware of how running or any physical activity you undertake helps to maintain and improve mental wellbeing.”

Lisa is currently training for the Great North Run and is planning to wear Eeyore ears and tail for photographs because she said he was the most-recognised depressed character but with his friends’help he managed to get through life and enjoy himself.

For more information or to book a free consultation, call 07903 774961 or send a message via keyhypnotherapysolutions.co.uk

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