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Eat My Words: We reviewed the La Vita Mia in Newark

Italian cuisine is definitely one of those that you can’t go wrong with. There are options to please even the pickiest of eaters, but for me, it was an easy win.

As a big fan of carbs, mushrooms, olives and rich flavours, the newly opened restaurant by Newark Castle station seemed like the right option, and it didn’t disappoint.

La Vita Mia, an authentic Italian cuisine restaurant with the owner originally from Sicily, offers a variety of food ranging from pizzas and calzones, pasta and risotto to steak, fish and the immensity of appetisers and desserts.

Cameron Harris satisfied with his risotto pollo at La Vita Mia
Cameron Harris satisfied with his risotto pollo at La Vita Mia

As with every new restaurant in a town, people’s curiosity arises – how is the food, how is the service and how is the decoration? Well, I went to answer people’s questions and fill my rumbling tummy by giving it a go.

The owner’s name and food were already known across town as this is the second restaurant opened in the area by Amedeo Ingala, who also owns Bella Vita in Ollerton.

Did I know what to expect when I first entered through the door? No. But was I excited and ready for some creamy and flavoured rich food? Yes I was and I am again now I am writing and thinking about it.

The decor was very summery, with blue walls, plants, and sophisticated chandeliers, it looks quite fancy yet homely and comfortable at the same time, creating the perfect atmosphere for couples, groups of friends or family hangouts.

As a vegetarian and a mushroom lover, I chose a Funghi Piemontese for a starter, which was shared between me and my meat-lover company for lunch.

Funghi Piemontese at La Vita Mia
Funghi Piemontese at La Vita Mia

When it first arrived at the table, I can’t lie but admit that I was curious, it smelled amazing and it tasted even better.

However, it was funny looking. The creamy mushrooms were sublime, but they came served in a pastry that left both of us confused and wondering, is this paper?

Despite this confusion, the combination of the funny-looking pastry with the mushrooms couldn’t have been better. The mixture of flavours and the way it exploded in my mouth at every bite, I simply can’t recommend it enough.

The sauce was rich, the mushrooms spectacular and the pastry, which turned out to be filo, definitely unexpected.

For mains, I ordered a Tagliatelle Pesto pasta, beautifully presented in a colourful ceramic bowl.

Tagliatelle Pesto at La Vita Mia
Tagliatelle Pesto at La Vita Mia

To add extra points to the restaurant, the waitress asked me not only once or twice but three times if I wanted more parmesan and as a cheese lover, what did I say? Yes, every time.

Not only the presentation and the portion size was great but once I dipped my fork in it and had my first bite, incredible.

When you’re eating with someone and there’s absolute silence apart from the occasional mmm of pleasure, it’s because one you’re starving or two the food is incredible. I’ll leave you to guess which one it was.

The pasta was creamy, the pesto was recognisably not store-bought, the tomatoes had the perfect texture and the two leaves of basil added the perfect Italian feeling to the dish. It was a mixture of creamy, flavourful, refreshing and colourful.

My other half had Risotto Pollo and considering I don’t eat meat, I had to believe in his words and description of the food.

Risotto Pollo at La Vita Mia
Risotto Pollo at La Vita Mia

The chicken pieces were said to be tender and full of flavour, there were succulent mushrooms (which I did try together with bits of risotto and it was amazing) and plenty of greenery on the risotto which surprised me.

Cameron described the food as tasty and even said: “I wish I could scream from the heaven’s how good this Italian restaurant is.”

At the end of our meals, the waitress came back, not to offer us any more parmesan but to ask us if we wanted dessert. Full and ready for a nap, the idea of a dessert, as tasty and lovely as it sounds was terrifying as there was no space left.

However, I have to admit, I did consider ordering the Funghi Piemontese that we had for starter as a dessert, because I could not have enough of it.

Cameron Harris satisfied with his risotto pollo at La Vita Mia
Cameron Harris satisfied with his risotto pollo at La Vita Mia

It wouldn’t be my first time ordering a starter again to replace a dessert and certainly won’t be my last time doing so, because if something is good I will want to have it over and over again. I just couldn't eat anymore at that stage though.

La Vita Mia is a restaurant that I recommend to everyone because there is something for all tastes and not only the food is amazing and warms your stomach and heart but the service is welcoming and kind.

Out of five:

Food: From hearing what people who visited the Ollerton restaurant said, I had an idea of what to expect but that didn’t save me from being surprised with how flavourful and rich the food was. *****

Drink: We had some lemonade and having drank lemonade from a bar the night before, you could definitely feel the difference, it was refreshing. ****

Decor: Very pleasant decor, very summery and welcoming. It almost makes you feel like you are abroad, which considering you are in an Italian restaurant in Newark was a real success. ****

Staff: The waitresses serving us were super talkative and attentive, often asking us how the food was, and if we needed anything else. We even end up talking about the restaurant, the food and how the whole restaurant started. *****

Price: It is a case of you get what you pay for. For the whole food and drinks, we paid £43.15, which considering we left the restaurant full, satisfied and considering coming back another time, we can’t complain, it was good value for the food. ***

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