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Independent candidate for Newark, Adrian Amer, welcomes early UK General Election to take place on July 4

The Independent candidate for Newark has welcomed the calling of an early General Election.

Adrian Amer announced his candidacy for the Newark constituency last weekend, outlining his aims for the future, and saying that he offers the best alternative to the main two political parties.

Now he hopes to drive home his message following Rishi Sunak’s speech on Wednesday evening, in which the Prime Minister confirmed that the country will head to the polls on July 4, with Parliament due to be dissolved next week.

Adrian Amer is campaigning to be Newark's next MP.
Adrian Amer is campaigning to be Newark's next MP.

Mr Amer said: “The General Election has finally been announced. Now is the time to stop the rot.

“Both major political parties have grossly betrayed the trust of our nation.

“From Windrush and Hillsborough to Grenfell, the Post Office Scandal, and the Infected Blood Inquiry, which has affected 30,000 people and claimed 3,000 lives, the state has spectacularly failed its citizens.

“Corruption, lies, and cover-ups have compounded these tragedies, shaming our nation. Great Britain must rebuild itself, and it must start now.

“I am committed to promoting ethics in politics, in our politicians, in Parliament, and in those who hold power. I will stand for accountability, honesty, openness, integrity, leadership, objectivity, and selflessness.

“Trust in political parties has been eroded to an all-time low. Two recent major polls show that only 9% and 12% of people still trust political parties, the lowest score in 40 years.”

“As a successful practicing barrister since 1984 specialising in Criminal Law in the East Midlands, I am acutely aware of the legal, social, economic, physical, and mental health issues affecting our society.

“Locally, as a hard-working Independent councillor at Newark and Sherwood District Council, I have assisted many individuals with their problems—from bins to anti-social behaviour, housing issues, planning problems, and criminal justice concerns, to recent flooding crises.

“I aim to ensure that everyone is heard, everyone is given a voice, and everyone, regardless of background, age, race, sex, sexual orientation, or religion, is treated with dignity, consideration, and respect.

“This July 4, let’s declare our independence from the failures of the past.

“Let’s build a future based on trust, transparency, and true representation. The time for change is now. Vote for integrity. Vote for accountability. Vote for a brighter future.

“Make July 4 Independence Day. Vote Adrian Amer.”

Adrian Amer, Independent General Election candidate for Newark, launch event.
Adrian Amer, Independent General Election candidate for Newark, launch event.

The UK General Election is scheduled to take place on July 4. The candidates for the Newark constituency are (listed alphabetically):

• Michael Ackroyd - Green Party

• Saj Ahmad - Labour

• Adrian Amer - Independent

• Robert Hall-Palmer - Reform UK

• Robert Jenrick - Conservative

• David Watts - Liberal Democrats

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