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Reader’s letter: Innocent people deserve peace and harmony

The majority of people around the world, regardless of their culture, religion, faith, or community wish to live in peace and harmony with their friends, family, and neighbours.

It seems to be only the actions of dictators, wannabe dictators, and politicians that bring about conflict and disaster in regional areas as we are seeing in the Ukraine, Sudan, and now in the Middle East.

Right-minded people will always be appalled at the actions of Hamas, and others of a like mind but these events go back, in part, to Biblical times and the establishment of a state in 1948 without dueconsideration to those who were already living in what some people term the holy land.


They were exasperated with the annexation of the West Bank and the creation of settlements.

As a result, what appears to be happening in Gaza to its people - who for some 16 years have been under the control of Hamas - is, I believe, a revenge war by Israel on innocent Palestinians (men but particularly women and children - by refusing them humanitarian aid until fairly recently).

This all seems contrary to international law.

None of these acts suggest a truly democratic, civilised state.

Israel has a right to defend itself against its enemies, as has every other country, but not to attack those in the way, who largely appear to be innocents.

Given that the UN helped to create the state of Israel, it is time they step in to defuse the situation, recover the many hostages held by Hamas and create a no-war zone for the benefit of all parties.

This would help people live in peace and harmony in the future.

Sadly it is often religion that has created many of the tensions in our world.

Given that we have just observed Remembrance Day we should recall all past conflicts and, at the same time, strive for more peaceful solutions to the problems that may beset us in the future. — A. M. WADDINGTON, Sutton-on-Trent.

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