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Irony of free tree scheme

Oh the irony! Spending yet more of our taxes on encouraging us to plant trees in our gardens and plots of land, when only weeks ago Newark and Sherwood District Council was wreaking havoc and destroying valuable growth that would have been useful to wildlife for the very purpose they are now providing trees for the public to grow.

Of course, these saplings won’t be of any major use to wildlife for a good five years or so.

That’s if they survive.

I participated in this scheme of free tress last time. Both saplings died, in spite of good care and proper nurturing.

I suspect they had been bare-rooted and exposed to the air for too long.

So on the one hand they claim to be environmentally-aware, caring and sharing.

Yet on the other they are destructive of current habitats that will take many years to recover.

And just to add, the nonsense excuse of having to cut trees down because of ivy growth is utterly ridiculous. There are plenty of other trees in the vicinity still covered in ivy. And anyone with any horticultural savvy knows full well that the way to prevent ivy from taking over a tree completely, is to merely sever the ivy trunk at its base, which permits the upper growth to die back and stop growing ­— but will still provide excellent fodder for bugs and insects in its dead state until it falls of its own accord. Forests everywhere have survived and thrived in such a manner.

It’s clear that those responsible for the destruction of valuable and irreplaceable abundant plants and trees know absolutely nothing whatsoever about horticulture. ­— A.ABRAHAM, via email.

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