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JAILED: Collingham man who breached restraining order and threatened to drive through ex's home sentenced at Nottingham Crown Court

A man who breached a restraining order and threatened to drive his car through his ex-partner’s home has been jailed for ten months.

At around 1.45am on August 11, Matthew Larkin entered his ex-girlfriend’s address when he was prohibited from doing so by a restraining order.

Anthony Cheung, prosecuting, said when Larkin was told to leave, he moved to the back of the building and punched through the window.

Nottingham Crown Court. (26175368)
Nottingham Crown Court. (26175368)

The ex-partner called the police and heard a smash downstairs. There was a short altercation between the two and Larkin left the address.

He received a call that day from a relative of his who told him to leave the victim alone, before he then threatened to go to the ex's home and drive through it.

“Fearing the defendant would carry out the threat, his relative went to pick up the victim,” the court heard.

“In a statement, the victim said she feared for her safety and house.”

Mr Cheung told the court the restraining order had been imposed after Larkin threatened to kill his ex and burn her house when he discovered she had a new boyfriend.

Stuart Lody, defending, said: “He handed himself in to the police and pleaded guilty at the first opportunity.

“Despite the restraining order, he had on many occasions been in the complainant’s house. It’s the not the case this is entirely one-sided.

“He is a qualified bricklayer and capable of making decent money.

“A letter has been posted by his sister. She has a responsible job and she and her partner have offered him to live with them once he has left prison — offering him a new start in due course.

“There’s potentially a way out of the offending.”

His Honour Judge John Burgess said the breach was serious and persistent, and caused harm and distress.

Speaking to Larkin, he said: “You face a custodial sentence. There are a number of aggravating features.

“You used violence and entered the premises and there is a separate charge to reflect that.

“You later threatened to drive the car into the house.

“You were arrested on August 13 having handed yourself in and were in possession of a small quantity of cannabis.

“There was a problem in your relationship but you knew you should not have breached the order.

“I take into account everything Mr Lody said and that you pleaded guilty.

“The restraining order will stay in place. You will get a much heavier sentence next time.”

Larkin replied: “No I won’t mate because I’ll be gone.”

33-year-old Larkin, of Pasture Court, Collingham, was sentenced to a total of ten months in prison.

He received ten months and has to pay costs of £156 for the breach; three months concurrent for the use of violence to gain entry; and two months concurrent for threatening to drive into the house, intending the victim would fear the threat be carried out.

There was no separate penalty for the possession of cannabis.

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