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Reader's letter: Jumping on the bandwagon

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I am getting so sick of reading about people moaning about plans for watersports on Balderton Lake.

‘Balderton Wildlife Lake’ people are now calling it ­— despite that never being its name — just so they can further their agenda of trying to make Balderton Parish Council look like a bunch of wildlife killers, when really, most people claiming it to be an oasis for wildlife probably hadn’t even stepped foot on the land before.

It’s just another case of hopping on the bandwagon, just like the so-called ‘community garden’ next to Newark Library people were getting so irate about when there were plans for a carpark when, again, I don’t recall seeing anyone use that piece of land, ever, before the campaign started.

Letters. (30235480)
Letters. (30235480)

Balderton Parish Council is not going to pursue something if it is going to put existing wildlife and habitats at risk, why would that be in the authority’s interest?

It has done an environmental survey already — yes, it was done a few years ago, but they have pledged to do another.

Will people just jump off their high horses for five minutes and wait for the outcome? It’s getting really boring now — A. MEANWELL, via email.

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