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Newark woman Emma Morris keen to meet other younger diabetics

Despite having a debilitating illness, a Newark woman is determined not to let it control her and is reaching out to other sufferers for support.

Emma Morris, 31, was diagnosed as being a type one diabetic when she was six. This occurs when the immune system attacks the islet cells in the pancreas that make insulin, so no insulin is produced.

She was told she would need to have insulin injections for the rest of her life, while tightly controlling the amount of sugar in her diet.


Emma said: “Being diagnosed with diabetes and living with the condition can sometimes feel overwhelming. It’s a full-time role trying to juggle blood glucose levels and all the other things that life throws at you.”

For the past two years, Emma has had to wear both an insulin pump and a continuous glucose monitoring device on her arms, which is a small white disc attached to her arm and acts like a working pancreas by administrating insulin 24 hours a day through a cannula into her arm.

A small hand-held device is swiped over this disc to check blood glucose levels.


She also has to think about how normal every day activities, from playing sport, over or under eating, sleep deprivation and even drinking alcohol, will affect her glucose levels.

She said: “I still have to weigh my food because for every 10g of carbohydrates I eat, I have to dial into the pump an additional unit of insulin. I guess you could say this has made me pretty good at working out carbohydrate values and insulin ratios.”

Now, Emma has set up a Facebook support group for those with type one diabetes in the Newark area to support each other.

“I would be keen to meet other young adults in Newark who live with type one diabetes,” she said.


“It would be great to have a go-to social group where people could chat openly about their treatments or the technologies they use as a way to find out more and socialise with other like-minded people.

“I don’t know any other type one diabetics in the area and I know I can’t be the only one in Newark.”

Despite having a strict diet and closely monitoring her insulin, Emma is determined to live a normal life.

She said: “I have always had the mindset that this disease will not beat me. I am very diligent with my control and work hard with my diet and exercise routines.

“I have completed seven half-marathons, complete a degree and I now work full-time, which proves you can live a normal lifestyle if you just pre-plan your routines beforehand.”

To join the Facebook group, go to www.facebook.com/groups/ 2678856138859596/

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