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Keep your distance

I HAVE just seen the Advertiser website about people not adhering to the social distancing.

I had to go into the Post Office this morning and staff there had helpfully marked out with tape where we should stand­ — thank you.

The amount of people moaning was unbelievable.

This is to help save lives for goodness sake. You may not be bothered about you and your family, but I am.

One elderly gentleman kept getting closer and I politely reminded him to keep his distance.

Before I got to the counter he and another person in the queue were shoulder to shoulder having a conversation about how stupid this all was and it was not going to stop them.

What part of this situation do they not understand?

If we all do as we should it will help ease the burden on the staff in our hospitals. ­— Carolyn Hage, Heaton Close, Newark.

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