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Newark has much to be proud of. Its stunning riverside, beautiful Market Place, shops and cafés, not to mention numerous tourist attractions, make it a wonderful place to live and, for thousands of tourists every year, to visit.

However, like other towns, Newark has its negative points too and high up on the list is a litter problem. Despite the best efforts of the authorities — including the provision of bins — the main shopping areas are still spoilt by litter louts.

It is a sad sight in this beautiful town.

The Mayor of Newark, Dean Hyde, and his partner, Louise Sledmore, are leading a crusade against this problem by devoting some of their time to litter- picking.

Every day, to and from work, Mr Hyde picks up litter, and then they go out on Sundays as well to make sure Newark looks its very best.

So far they have filled more than 200 bin bags.

While the mayor should be commended for his actions, it is sad that it has become necessary.

There is simply no excuse for people to drop litter — anywhere.

Newark has plenty of bins provided and, even if there doesn’t happen to be one nearby, the rubbish can be carried until you come across one, or take it home and dispose of it there.

Throwing it on the ground is not only anti-social, it is passing the problem on to someone else to deal with.

Volunteers with Newark In Bloom have done a fantastic job in cleaning up the town, and hopefully their efforts will be rewarded by the Britain In Bloom judges later this month.

But they and the mayor cannot do everything by themselves. They need the support of the wider public.

The mayor is leading by example, let’s all try to follow his lead and make the town an even nicer place to live and visit.

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