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Let down by the government

I am in my 86th year and never thought that I would live under such a shambolic and incompetent Conservative government.

The final straw has been the decision to stop me seeing my children and grandchildren in my own home, even though the numbers of covid-19 cases in Newark and Sherwood is far below that in the City of Nottingham.

The Government’s incompetence seems to have no limit.

Modelling suggested that allowing students to return to university would lead to a substantial increase in the number of cases in the virus and that has clearly happened in the City of Nottingham, inevitably leading to the need for tighter restrictions.

The number of cases in Newark and Sherwood were just 25% of those in Notting-ham and surely no justification for the draconian measure of stopping tightly-knit families meeting in their own homes in small groups?

A key reason why people are now suffering is the failure to operate an effective test, track and isolate system, in spite of the Prime Minister’s repeated assurances that we would have a “world class one within weeks.”

What do you expect when you let the likes of Serco and Baroness Dido Harding run of the system? Just look at their track records.

A friend of mine, who lives just south of Bristol, has cancer and has effectively been sent home to die. Paramedics advised him that he was showing signs of covid and to get a test. He was offered one in South Wales, but after a great deal of effort, his wife found one much closer to home.

Another friend tells me that his son who lives near Swindon was told by his GP to get his children tested, and the system offered them an appointment in Armagh, in Northern Ireland.

There is clear evidence that where local authorities take charge of the test and trace system it is far more effective, so why does the Government stubbornly try and stick to a national system that does not work and is almost certainly far more expensive?

I consider that by supporting further restrictions in Nottinghamshire to deal with problems that the Government has created in the City of Nottingham Robert Jenrick has badly let me down. I doubt that I am the only constituent who feels the same way. ­— BOB POYNTER, via email.

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