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Liberal Democrats announced £10m plans to crack down on sewage dumping and water pollution

The Liberal Democrats have announced plans to crack down on sewage dumping and water pollution.

The new £10m plan to boost a proposed new water regulator and enhance environmental protection.

David Watts, the Liberal Democrats candidate for Newark described it as an “ambitious plan of oversight” which would save waterways in Newark.

Liberal Democrat candidate for Newark, David Watts.
Liberal Democrat candidate for Newark, David Watts.

It comes after sewage was reportedly dumped 1,715 times in 2023 in Newark.

Under the party’s plans, the water regulator Ofwat would be replaced with a new Clean Water Authority which would take on relevant powers to inspect and clean up waterways in England from the Environment Agency.

The party has pledged £10 million per year to deliver new water quality inspectors, as part of an ambition to recruit at least one hundred new ‘sewage-busters’.

These new inspectors would work for the proposed new water authority, and have the power to carry out unannounced inspections, and ensure water firms are transparent about pollution.

River Trent, Newark.
River Trent, Newark.

Mr Watts said: “It is a scandal that the Conservative party has allowed water firms to mark their own homework and waterways across Newark have suffered as a result.

“A new wave of sewage busters will ensure no water company gets away with polluting our treasured rivers, lakes and coastlines.

“Liberal Democrats will hire new sewage-busting inspectors to clamp down on sewage dumping and put a stop to this dreadful scandal.”

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