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‘Lifelong’ friends launch Smith and Wright Coffee in Bingham

Two lifelong friends have launched their own coffee brand which they hope will inspire others to “chase their dreams”.

Chris Wright, from Aslockton, and Kevin Smith, from Newton, launched their Bingham-based coffee brand ‘Smith and Wright Coffee Co’ with their new website on Saturday (November 18).

From an idea that first came about five years ago, the real “hard” work to launch the brand was nine months ago.

Chris Wright
Chris Wright
Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith

Chris, one half of the duo, said: “We both love coffee ourselves and when we used to meet up and have a catch up, it was usually over a coffee.

“I think it was just in one of those moments that we were having coffee together and said we should turn this passion of ours into something we can share with people.

“Coffee is people’s motivator at the start of the day.”

The Smith and Wright Coffee brand.
The Smith and Wright Coffee brand.

For the “lifelong friends” the business is not just about coffee, but about entrepreneurism as well.

“The brand is very much based on entrepreneurism and trying to inspire people to break away from the norm and chase their dreams”, added Chris.

He said: “We want to be transparent with everything.

“We want to share our journey through social media of creating something together and we want to try to build a community of people who are interested in doing that for themselves or exploring what they are capable of.”

Over the last nine months, Chris and Kevin have been travelling to taste different coffee beans in order to establish their brand.

The new website allows people to order individual coffee packets and soon subscription bundles will be offered to customers.

The pair also plans to offer coffee to businesses for their staff.

With orders, the pair are also planning to feature inspirational quotes on cards with each order.

Looking to the future, Chris and Kevin plan to launch a podcast with guests who have also established their own brands and talk about their experiences.

Chris added: “We want to be very hands on and are going to be showing our faces a lot and doing a lot of educational and comical posts involving us and the coffee.

“For the podcasts, we will pull people in and give them insights into what other people have done and can do themselves.”

To find out more about Smith and Wright Coffee, go to https://smithandwrightcoffee.co.uk/.

They then plan to launch a YouTube channel which will provide a more “indepth” insight to what they do.

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