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Reader's letter: Listen to those who live in town

Regarding Mrs Janet Lee’s letter (Killed By Long-ago Decisions, News Views, May 13) while I agree with her thoughts that the walk from the cattle market and Northgate Retail Park is a nuisance, I’m afraid her idea of free buses will not work.

Can I remind her that when the town was ring-fenced by Severn Trent roadworks they told a public meeting at the Town Hall that shuttle buses were the answer at, I believe, a cost of £50,000.

All retailers disagreed and were proven right.

Every third bus held a passenger, the other two were empty.

Due to the pandemic I have regularly engaged in dialogue with the town and county councils over extra parking spaces.

The taxi rank on Kirkgate was being used as temporary 30-minute parking and this proved so popular that I am informed the spaces could be made permanent.

The town and county councils agree that more spaces would be beneficial to the high street and market place.

We, as retailers, have been told by the powers-that-be that we listen to what our customers need.

Newark is a market town, not a city.

Customers want to drive in, park for a short period, visit shops, market and the banks, then jump in the car and away.

The streets of Newark town centre need retailers and, the best way to boost the town, is to listen to those who live here and not those who sit behind a desk with a red pen and a map. ­— ANDREW HIND, Sibley’s Butchers, New-ark.

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