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Newark Advertiser letter: Make your concerns heard

Many readers may not be aware that since last March abortion clinics have been allowed to send women the pills needed for a medical abortion in the post following a phone consultation.

Thus, for nearly a year, thousands of women have been carrying out their own abortions at home without ever being seen by a medical professional.

I am very concerned about home abortions and an opinion poll shows that I am not alone.


Savanta ComRes carried out a poll of 1,046 adults in England during December 2020 on behalf of the Society for the Prevention Of Unborn Children. The findings are stark.

Seven in ten adults in England (71%) say they are concerned about women having a medical abortion at home after a phone or video consultation with a doctor.

84% of respondents said they were concerned about women finding it distressing potentially having to dispose of the terminated pregnancy.

The public also shared concerns about domestic abuse. 84% say they were concerned about women being at risk of being coerced into an abortion by a partner or family member with a telemedicine abortion appointment where the doctor has not seen the woman in person.

Anyone who shares these concerns should make them known to their MP.

At-home abortions was introduced as a temporary measure. Now the government is considering making this permanent.

Such a significant change, with potentially devastating mental health consequences for women, should not be slipped through unopposed. ­— H. Jowett, Newark.

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