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Former owner of Mccarrolls Barbers on King Street, Southwell starts a new mobile barber business in Sturton by Stow and Collingham area

A man who sold his family business of 53 years has started a mobile barber service.

Paul Mccarroll, who has worked as a barber for 32 years, handed over the keys to Mccarrolls Barbers on King Street, Southwell in November.

The barber shop, which has been in Southwell since 1971, became the first licensed alcohol-selling hairdresser in the county in 2018.

Paul McCarroll
Paul McCarroll

Paul still works at the barber shop on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, which allows him to explore and give wings to his new business – PDM mobile barbers – the other two days.

“Letting go of the shop was quite a big decision, it wasn’t something I was planning on doing but I got a good offer on it and just decided it was the right time to let it go and let someone else develop the bar side more than I was doing, it was also a new opportunity for me,” said Paul.

He sold the shop to one of his customers who was interested in the barber and bar concept.

He moved from Southwell, where he grew up and lived the majority of his life, to Sturton by Stow.

Paul McCarroll
Paul McCarroll

“I don’t think there are any barbers in Collingham and certainly not in Saxilby or Sturton so I thought, with me being quite experienced, in the couple of days I don’t work at the shop to become a mobile barber.

“A lot of women do it, mobile hairdressers, so I could do mobile barbers.”

Paul’s idea is to stay in the village’s area, going as far as Collingham.

People who wish to book appointments at the new mobile barber business can call or message Paul at 07526014437.

He says to have done mobile services to some of his elder customers when he used to own the shop in Southwell.

“Being a barber is all I have ever known really, I get along with my clients, but we also have to be a bit of a therapist as well as a barber, listen to people, their problems and all that and have a bit of a chat,” added Paul.

Despite the sale, the barber shop in Southwell kept the same name as it is well-known due to its history in the town.

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