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More than 10,000 trained in Newark Lifesaver first aid initiative

More than 10,000 people have been trained to potentially help save lives thanks to the success of a local organisation’s campaign.

Newark Community First Aid, in conjunction with the Advertiser, launched its Lifesaver campaign in August, 2017.

It aimed to educate and train 10,000 people in first aid knowledge and skills.

More than 10,000 trained in Lifesaver first aid initiative
More than 10,000 trained in Lifesaver first aid initiative

“The Newark area now has thousands more people equipped with lifesaving skills and knowledge,” said Philip Jessop, training manager at Newark Community First Aid.

“This campaign has delivered vital skills to local people, with young people in school aged ten learning the same key lifesaving skills as the oldest person to attend training at the age of 89.

“In England we still have some of the worst survival rates from cardiac arrest in Europe. The way to improve these figures is for more people to learn first aid and, in particular, to learn resuscitation and how to use a defibrillator.

More than 10,000 trained in Lifesaver first aid initiative
More than 10,000 trained in Lifesaver first aid initiative

“Although this campaign has officially come to an end, we will continue with free community training with a launch of new courses in September.”

The end of the campaign coincided with the end of the charity’s sixth year of operation, which has been the busiest to date.

Jonathan Brown, the group’s events manager, said: “We have covered 368 events ­— a 2% increase on the previous year.

“With many longer events and events requiring 24 hour cover, we are very grateful to our volunteers for all their hard work in delivering our services.

“We still, however, are unable to meet all the demands for our services and we would be really pleased to hear from anyone interested in volunteering”.

In the year ending June 30, Newark Community First Aid provided 141 free community courses in Newark and 31 surrounding villages. It also saw a 23% increase in Workplace Training Courses provided to local businesses, schools and childcare establishments.


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