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Move questioned

The government has made available from the Towns Fund £96m, according to the press release ‘specifically for improvements to parks, high streets and transport.’

Nottinghamshire Chief Constable Craig Guildford appears to see this as an opportunity to acquire a new police station.

He appears to believe that, by moving the police station, crime and anti-social behaviour will be reduced.

Why move it even further away from the community it is there to serve and hide it behind a level crossing.?

Assistant police and crime commissioner Emma Foody believes that Newark town centre will become a residential area, thus reducing anti-social behaviour.

Presumably the pubs will also close.

She says that moving the police station will have positive psychological and practical impact. What?

David Lloyd wants to develop ‘ a vibrant night-time economy.’ He states that part of the solution is moving the police station to a crime hot spot. Would this be Castle Station or the cattle market?

Why are these people making contradictory excuses to persuade us that moving the police station further out of reach is a good idea?

As far as I can see the Towns Fund is not there to dig the Nottinghamshire Police Force out of a financial hole. ­— GRAHAM E. DICKENSON, Milner Street, Newark.

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