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Newark and Sherwood District Council wants residents to have say on Public Space Protection Orders

A series of orders have been passed to try to clamp down on anti-social behaviour issues ranging from dog fouling to boozing in parks and other public spaces.

Newark and Sherwood District Council cabinet approved several Public Spaces Protection Orders on February 20.

Some of the orders were already in place but either needed updating or extending and so were brought into a wider review.

Castle House, headquarters of Newark and Sherwood District Council.
Castle House, headquarters of Newark and Sherwood District Council.

The next stage will include reaching out to residents, businesses, partner agencies and wider groups to hear their thoughts on the orders.

Public Space Protection Orders (PSPOs) set out rules that can outlaw bad behaviour – and introduce new punishments for offenders who flout the order.

The approved PSPOs across the district include:

• District-wide dog control: The new controls include district-wide dog exclusion for all enclosed play areas and other specific stated locations, district-wide ‘dogs on lead by direction’, dogs on lead requirements and dog exclusion in specifically stated locations. The order also requires all district dog owners to clear up after any dog fouling.

• Fire Control at Vicar Water and Sconce and Devon: It prohibits fires and barbecues at Vicar Water and Sconce and Devon parks. The Vicar Water order is an existing order, whereas the Sconce Devon is a proposed new order to combat the same issues.

• Alcohol Controls in Newark Town Centre: Alcohol controls are currently in place for Newark Town Centre. An amendment has been made to the requirements of the order requiring the alcohol to be removed rather than allowing the alcohol to be consumed by direction.

• Dispersal in Newark Town Centre, Balderton Lakes, Lakeside Shopping Centre, Coronation Park: All of the dispersals are currently in place and the continuation of them is said to be supported by police data. Amendments have been made to the map area for Newark Town Centre to ensure it covers further along the river to the weir. The Balderton dispersals will be placed into one order and map instead of three separate orders.

• Restriction of Vehicles on Eakring Road: The restriction includes any by motor vehicles to prevent fly-tipping and nuisance vehicles including off road bikes.

Cabinet member Paul Taylor said: “To me, this is a vital paper, we really need to get these orders approved. These are very sensible orders that I think the public would expect to be in place.

“There is one big message that needs to be given once we get these through is the same one we have been pushing on anti-social behaviour, if you see something report it.

“All these issues I would be urging the public to report things that are happening because if we don’t know they are happening we can’t do anything about it.

“We can’t solve everything immediately but if there’s patterns we can deliver on those by changing patrols and ensuring that actions are taken.”

The public consultation will be undertaken in two stages. First, a survey will be open to the public for a six-week period allowing residents to comment on the proposed list of orders and their content.

To ensure that the key areas were considered, in advance of the first stage of public consultation, all town and parish councils along with the police and Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service were requested to consider what orders they had within their areas and to advise of any required amendments or requests for additions

A second stage survey will be created using the comments from the first and, once again, open to the public to comment on before the results are presented to cabinet for final approval.

Residents will be updated on the survey via the council’s social media channels and website.

Cabinet member Matthew Spoors suggested making the website for reporting anti-social behaviour easier to access for members of the public.

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