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General Election: How will Newark candidates improve the road network and safety on major roads?

Ahead of the upcoming general election, the Advertiser asked readers to share questions they would like answering by candidates vying to become their next MP.

Newark candidates were asked how they would improve the area’s road network and the safety of major roads such as the A1.

Here are their responses, in alphabetical order:

Saj Ahmad — Labour

Saj Ahmad, Labour candidate for Newark
Saj Ahmad, Labour candidate for Newark

“Our road network is plagued by projects that go undelivered. The A1 is a vital part of Britain’s road network and a perfect example of a piecemeal approach to infrastructure, veering as it does between four lanes, three lanes and two lanes.

“In Nottinghamshire, we have one of the worst of the two-lane stretches with accidents and delays all too common. A better A1 would improve north-south connectivity and help ease pressure on the M1.

“Labour will end this chaos by developing a ten-year infrastructure strategy. We will make major projects faster and cheaper by slashing red tape and build support for developments by ensuring communities directly benefit.

“The protection of local green spaces and biodiversity matters to me. Consideration of these things should be baked into new infrastructure projects.”

Adrian Amer — Independent

Independant candidate for Newark, Adrian Amer.
Independant candidate for Newark, Adrian Amer.

“A1 road safety must be improved especially since the bad weather and flooding we have had this year.

“Make sure all potholes are immediately fixed using modern British technology which is four times quicker than the original method and more robust which ultimately saves the taxpayer money.

“Fix the water runoff hotspots in times of heavy rain and flooding. Junction improvements and accident hotspots need to be rectified especially where traffic is forced to cross the A1. Improve lighting and road markings particularly at the notorious accident hotspots.

“Traffic calming measures need to be considered also in these hotspots. Consider widening lanes where necessary and consider up grading to a motor way status if necessary.”

Lyn Galbraith — Independent

Lyn Galbraith, Independent candidate for Newark
Lyn Galbraith, Independent candidate for Newark

“I will ensure that the improvements and funding of around £500 million for the Southern Link road over the A1 take place.

“Having worked in the Accident Research Unit at the University of Nottingham I’m aware that most accidents are of the “look but fail to see” type, especially in young drivers.

“I advocate for every new driver to attend a speed awareness course within one year of passing their test.

“In terms of how to improve safety on the A1, I will utilise research from the Road Safety Foundation to determine the best way to address hazards such as short on/off ramps and crossovers which are prolific around Newark, working with Councils and the Highways Agency to accept and fund any useful proposals.

“As basic interim measures all white lines should be painted, all road studs and cats eyes should be in place and where possible extra lighting introduced.”

Robert Jenrick — Conservative

Robert Jenrick, Conservative candidate for Newark
Robert Jenrick, Conservative candidate for Newark

“I’ve secured the £500m dualling of the A46 and £100m Southern Link Road.

“These are the biggest investments in the area for generations. They took a determined representative with the experience to get it done.

“We mustn’t let Labour cancel these projects as they have in the past because they’re not interested in rural areas like ours.

“I founded the A1 safety group of East Midlands MPs that has secured funding from Highways England for improvements to dangerous slip roads.”

Robert Palmer — Reform UK

Reform UK candidates for Newark constituency, Robert Hall-Palmer.
Reform UK candidates for Newark constituency, Robert Hall-Palmer.

“The A1 at Newark has always been an accident hot spot.

“I am sure there’s a long- term plan to widen the whole of the A1, if this plan cannot be expedited in reasonable time the government should be guided to extend the entry and exit ramps to prevent traffic queuing on the A1 itself.”

David Watts — Liberal Democrats

Liberal Democrat candidate for Newark, David Watts.
Liberal Democrat candidate for Newark, David Watts.

“I’ve already addressed the need to improve the condition of the roads. The current administration have allowed them to deteriorate into such a state that they are often dangerous.

“We need significant investment into repairing potholes and also quality checks to ensure that the repairs are done to a sufficiently high standard.

“Too often we have seen sub- standard repairs, leading to the job having to be done all over again.

“We also need to ensure that traffic blackspots are tackled so that traffic can flow more easily.

“Too often accidents are caused by drivers going to quickly because they have been held up previously in their journeys.

“Finally we need to provide reliable and cost effective alternatives to the car.

“Too many people drive on our motorways because the equivalent train journey would be prohibitively expensive — this leads to pollution, congestion and accidents.”

All nine Newark candidates were invited to contribute their answers, however Michael Ackroyd (Green), Matthew Darrington (English Democrats), and Collan Siddique (Workers Party of Britain), did not provide a response.

The UK General Election is scheduled to take place on July 4.

The candidates confirmed for the Newark constituency are (listed alphabetically):

• Michael Ackroyd - Green Party

• Saj Ahmad - Labour

• Adrian Amer - Independent

• Matthew Darrington - English Democrats

• Lyn Galbraith - Independent

• Robert Jenrick - Conservative

• Robert Palmer - Reform UK

• Collan Siddique - Workers Party of Britain

• David Watts - Liberal Democrats

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