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Coronavirus: UK at risk of lockdown as soon as tonight because people aren't self-isolating or keeping to the two-metre separation rule, and Newark is no different

The UK is at risk of going into lockdown later today because people aren't self-isolating and keeping a two-metre distance between each other.

A sunny weekend saw people venture out of their homes in contrast to Government advice, and Newark was no different.

A number of people contacted the Advertiser to complain that selfish actions were putting lives at risk.

Queues waiting for Aldi to open (32213980)
Queues waiting for Aldi to open (32213980)

Panic-buying saw people queueing at supermarket checkout tills with over-worked staff seemingly unable to enforce exclusion zones.

In the case of Aldi, on Cow Lane, there queues stretching into the carpark from 8am on Friday awaiting the store opening, and there were even bouncers on the door to ensure calm and help enforce restrictions on the number of each item it was possible to buy.

Jennifer Smith was in B&M on Farndon Road on Saturday where a distance policy was in force.


"I kept my distance from the customer in front of me when I found I was being crowded by the customer behind," she said.

"When I pointed out to him the notice about distancing he said 'it doesn’t bother me.'

"When I told him it bothered me as I am over 70 he started deliberately coughing.

"I couldn’t get out of the store quick enough.


"That wasn’t the end of it as I was packing my shopping into the car boot he walked past me again putting on an exaggerated cough, which I didn’t rise to.

"I think he thought he was being funny but as far as I’m concerned he was being an idiot."

Lindon Coll said: "Social distancing in terms of people keeping a safe distance between each other is generally abysmal in Newark.

"I wrote to Lidl suggesting they have reminder notices and also pointing out that Tesco are to create floor markings according to the Guardian, while Aldi are erecting clear screens at the checkouts, Morrisons too when I asked.

"Lidl replied with lengthy waffle evading these points, stressing their diligent new cleaning regime and advice to staff.

"This isn't against the staff they are a helpful group in an impossible situation."

Another concerned resident said: "Shops are not being responsible enough in making sure that in a queue to their checkouts that a safe distance is adhered to.

"All it would take as other countries have cheaply done is tape on the floor at a distance of two metres apart and a polite sign showing customers must stand at that distance apart.

"I have been in shop queues myself and people standing literally on top of me, you don’t get served any quicker if they stood a safe distance apart.

"Coronavirus is not being taken seriously this is our lives and lives of others you are talking about now."

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