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Nice little earner

Readers may be interested to learn that a planning application has been submitted to Newark and Sherwood District Council to allow the siting of a containerised gas-fired electricity generating plant on the land currently occupied by a scrapyard off Bowbridge Lane, Balderton.

The application has been assigned the designation 20/01220/FUL.

The stated purpose of the proposed plant is to enable intermittent wind and solar energy power to be utilised, ie provide a reliable source of power (derived from CO2-producing gas) when the wind doesn’t blow and the sun doesn’t shine ­— circumstances which often prevail in our country.

The proposers of this plant clearly have an ambition to turn the adoption of ‘green’ power to their financial advantage ­— and who could blame them?

After all, the owners of the wind and solar generators will still be paid, regardless of the profits the proposers will make.

A nice little earner, as the Minder script would have had it.

I am sure that your readers, as clear-minded and mostly thrifty individuals, will want to see that the profits of the generating companies are not excessive and will also reduce the drain on their own funds.

The planning documents refer to an average reduction of £41 per annum during the period 2014-30.

Given the nation’s current difficult financial circumstances, the cost/benefit calculation of the ‘green’ power movement needs to be carefully and constantly assessed. ­BILL DAVIDSON, Queen Street, Balderton.

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