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Reader's letter: No rush

So, Highways England asks for email responses for proposals to improve the A46 junctions around Newark, and then supplies us with a form we have to print off and complete with that 19th Century device, the quill pen.

That says all I need to know about why our roads are in such a state.

It has already taken eight years or more to sort out a minor dispute at the Farndon Road junction that has had plastic bollards in place and temporary 40mph signs, so clearly has no interest in speeding up the traffic.

Plan one is clearly better than plan two, and both would be ten times better if they included a flyover at each end of the bypass, thus allowing traffic not to have to slow down, never mind stop.

Apparently, the Dutch and the Japanese can knock you up a flyover in 24 hours, so it shouldn’t take the Great British workman more than five or six years. ­— ANTHONY BRISTOW, Newark, via email.

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