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Reader’s letter: No trust on policy

Due to recent events relating to the HS2 railway project, I am quite surprised that anyone can believe in the current government's fiscal policies, let alone them being able to oversee a major project that was designed to link the capital city with other major centres in England.

They have let us down again.

What a waste of our taxpayers' money, yet they appear to be able to throw cash at many other projects.


They are unable to deal with climate change.

The money spent on HS2 could well have been used on improving urban and rural bus services — keeping more cars off our roads — and providing cities and large areas such as Leeds/Bradford and Merseyside.

It could have been invested in modern urban transit systems, and other places and improving local rail networks around regional areas.

Clearly, we need a modernised Department for Transport that looks at integrated transport systems that cater to the effects of climate change.

It is a reflection of our current government system, which is still in the Victorian era when it comes to procedures and it is not fit for the 21st century.

Many people who I have met recently are disillusioned with politics and our present-day politicians. — A. M. Waddington, Sutton-on-Trent.

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