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Nottinghamshire Police takes steps to manage covid-19 outbreaks at Mansfield Police Station and Sherwood Lodge

Nottinghamshire Police is taking steps to manage covid-19 outbreaks at two of its police stations.

Nottinghamshire’s director of public health, Jonathan Gribbin, working with Public Health England, has been co-ordinating outbreak control cells this week working with Nottinghamshire Police.

As of this week there are 39 linked positive cases at Mansfield Police station and 19 positive cases at force headquarters at Sherwood Lodge.

Nottinghamshire Police (43147053)
Nottinghamshire Police (43147053)

There have been no new cases reported at Mansfield since November 5.

Measures already undertaken by the police include:

  • All desks being socially distanced and cleaned down at least twice a day
  • Issuing of face masks to all
  • Issuing of individual hand sanitiser
  • Clear notices about social distancing and managing personal hygiene

Further measures include:

  • Reiterating messages to staff about covid-secure behaviours in the work place
  • Making sure people use hand sanitiser on entry and exit to communal areas like kitchens
  • Advising against sharing of food and beverages
  • Reviewing the training of staff

Assistant Chief Constable Steve Cooper said: “As a force and an emergency service we have been working with Public Health England, the County Council and environmental health officers to control the spread of the virus.

“I am pleased to note that the numbers appear to be coming down in both buildings, but clearly we are not complacent about this.

“We already have stringent measures in place as a force to ensure the work environment is Coved secure, but working with advisors from public health we have sought to put in even further measures.

“The health and safety of our officers and staff are paramount and we will do all that is necessary to protect people’s health.”

The Advertiser has been pressing for up-to-date information since our exclusive story revealed up to 50 control room staff were told by the Test and Trace app to self-isolate, only for many to be told on the force’s intranet by a senior officer it was safe for them to be at work.

The force blamed a glitch with the Test and Trace algorithm, where it activated at five times the expected social distancing limit of two metres, as the basis for its instruction.

Mr Gribbin's opinion was sought by the Advertiser at Friday’s covid media briefing.

Mr Gribbin said there were very many workplaces affected by coronavirus, and it was commonplace for such information to be shared and, he said, Nottinghamshire Police was no different. This happened in respect of HMP Lowdham Grange and dessert-maker Bakkavor, Newark.

The force later said it would provide a statement that would only address what was being done to prevent the spread of the virus, but not questions the Advertiser has raised over its handling of the situation.

The latest disclosure came at 4.51pm today, missing the Advertiser's print deadline.

Mr Gribbin said:“We are continuing to work closely with Nottinghamshire Police to help them to manage the outbreaks and I am pleased that the appropriate control measures are in place and they can continue to deliver important services to the public.”

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