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Southwell: Minster School students one step closure to achieving ambitious future goals after receiving GCSE results

Minster School students are one step closer to achieving their ambitious goals after receiving GCSE results today.

Among the very high achievers was Nia Myers, whose chosen subjects were maths, geography, PE and Spanish.

Nia wants a career in medicine in the navy, and said she will continue to challenge herself at A-level in order to make this dream a reality.

Nia Myers, 16, of Nottingham.
Nia Myers, 16, of Nottingham.

"I started doing French from the age of seven but I thought I'd give Spanish a go, it was nice to experience other cultures," she said.

"I got eight nines and three eights and I'm staying here to do biology, chemistry, maths and further maths — going full out.

"I want to do medicine in the forces, in the navy — so that's the plan. I've always wanted to do medicine at university because it's very interesting, and a high calibre degree which I feel I'm capable of it.

L-R Neave Kielty, 16, Grace Fowler, 16, Amber Simms, 16.
L-R Neave Kielty, 16, Grace Fowler, 16, Amber Simms, 16.

"In the forces, there's a lot of wider experience and I will be able to do athletics — so I can run for the forces which I think would be pretty cool."

Nia found the coronavirus pandemic a very stressful experience and felt she was behind at times.

She said: "You didn't know what was happening day to day, especially isolating — we had a disrupted mock period at school, so we weren't sure if the mocks were going to count for anything.

"The overall feeling is relief really, I'm happy everything paid off because I did work hard."

Tom Bonser took triple science, geography, French and further maths as an after-school subject.

Tom Bonser, 16, of Mansfield.
Tom Bonser, 16, of Mansfield.

"I wanted to keep pushing myself so I did the after school subject," said Tom. "And, I did very well.

"Seven nines, several eights and one seven — I was so relieved after such a wait and putting in the hard work.

"I think after being away from school so much, having a bit of security on going forward really helps."

Tom is staying on at the Minster for A-levels in maths, further maths, physics and French.

"I thought I wanted something a bit different in doing French, something a bit more creative than hardcore science," he said.

"I want opportunities to travel the world and talk to more people.

"I'd maybe like to work overseas in nuclear energy, or clean energy — a future and forward-thinking job with the planet in mind."

One students who achieved far beyond what he expected was Josh Safa, who chose music tech, computer science and business.

Josh Safa, 16, of Carlton.
Josh Safa, 16, of Carlton.

"I wanted to choose something less straightforward and more creative, that's my thing," he said.

"I did really well and happy with my grades. In science I got sevens, six in business, English a six and a seven, computer science eight and music tech a distinction star — the equivalent to a nine.

"I'm thinking of going to a college now and having a change of scenery, especially after coronavirus — which personally, I have found awful.

"During the lockdowns when we learning at home, I really struggled because I don't have much motivation when I'm not there.

"My mum and sister are so happy with me — they're just so proud because I got so much better than expected.

I did downplay myself a bit and expected the worse but I'm really happy."

Jemima Stone — who chose history, business and drama — did remarkably well across all areas, receiving all nines but two eights.

She said: "When I opened the envelope I was like 'these are not my results', I was so shocked because I was not expecting this at all.

"I'm very happy. You see other people get these results and never think it is going to be you. Id like to think its come through hard work.

"I love drama because I do the school musicals, and I think it's really enjoyable. I thought I'd give business a go as a new thing and my three older brothers did it as well — and I ended up really enjoying it.

"During coronavirus it has been very hard to focus, but teachers aided us in giving us the support to achieve success and I think that's reflected in people's results. They guided us through it.

"These near two years have been hard for everyone, but there will be a lot of glad and proud people. I think we should be extra proud because of the difficult circumstances."

Peter Ball achieved all his predicted grades in maths, biology, chemistry and further maths.

Peter Ball, 15, of Rufford.
Peter Ball, 15, of Rufford.

"I got five nines, five eights and one seven — very proud. I've put a lot of work into this and I'm glad it paid off. Coronavirus wasn't helpful but I managed to work around it and still do well.

"I'm going onto A-levels here and then hopefully university. I'd like to have a career in biology."

Paige Appleby got six nines and the rest eights having chosen Spanish, French, drama and geography.

Paige Appleby, 16, of Southwell.
Paige Appleby, 16, of Southwell.

"I do like languages, so I'm doing both French and Spanish at A-level and maths.

"I'm staying here to do sixth form, and then I'd like to go on to uni to study a language — I'm not sure what though, maybe I'll start one from scratch.

"It's been stressful with a good end because we managed to get out of lockdown in time for prom, so there was a good celebration and everything was lifting towards the end.

"The school has been really supportive with online learning to help us at home.

"My mum was stressing about the results but she is really happy with it, she said I could stop stressing now."

Head Ben Chaloner said: “The year 11 students have risen to the challenge of the last 18 months and can, today, celebrate the results that they have achieved. Despite their being no formal exams we have been using exam-style assessments, drawing on the assessment materials provided by exam boards, as we think this will produce the most reliable, and therefore fairest, evidence.

"Consequently, students are receiving grades that they have worked hard for and should be celebrated like any other year. We are looking forward to September when the vast majority of our students will be returning to commence their sixth form studies with us.”

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