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Passenger profiles: Who is most likely to claim compensation from EasyJet?

Travelling by plane has become an important part of modern people`s lives. There is a variety of airlines, but not all of them deserve as much attention as EasyJet does. This is a British low-cost, no-frills airline that operates over 1,000 routes in over 30 countries. The airline operates point-to-point routes, which means that flights last anything from 20 minutes to 6 hours.

However, anyone can face the issue of cancelled or delayed flights, even if they use EasyJet. That is why it is critical to know whether you are eligible for compensation, and in what kind of scenarios you can receive it.

Aerial photography of white clouds at daytime. Photo: Unsplash
Aerial photography of white clouds at daytime. Photo: Unsplash

The Legal Landscape

You can file a compensation claim and ask for financial reimbursement in the following cases:

♦ Delayed flight. You can ask for reimbursement, if your flight has been delayed for more than three hours.

♦ Overbooking. If they did not allow you to board the flight because there were too many people than seats available, you can file a claim.

♦ Flight cancellation. If you were not notified about flight cancellation, or you were informed of the cancellation less than two weeks in advance, you can ask for coin compensation.

In the case of a cancelled flight, you can expect the following compensation:

♦ From £220 to £250 for flights up to 1,500 km;

♦ From £350 to £400 for flights of more than 1,500 km within Europe and all other flights up to 3,500 km.

♦ From £520 to £600 for other flights exceeding 3,500 km.

In the case of flight delays or cancellations, you can also expect either of the following:

♦ Reimbursement of the cancelled flight;

♦ Re-routing under comparable transport conditions;

♦ Reimbursement for the part of the journey;

♦ Refreshments and meals in reasonable relation to the waiting time;

♦ Two telephone calls or emails;

♦ Hotel accommodation and transport between the hotel and the airport in case of a stay of one or more nights is required.

A group of people sitting on a bench in a building. Photo: Unsplash
A group of people sitting on a bench in a building. Photo: Unsplash

Analysing the EasyJet Passenger

EasyJet transported around 61 million passengers over the past year, which is an impressive number. The average age of the airline`s customers is 42 these days, compared with 38 or 39 a few years before. Even though this change is small, it is still significant because it reflects changing perceptions of the company.

The mentioned number of passengers includes 11 million business customers, and they are a more lucrative group. The reason is that they tend to book later and do not mind paying for more legroom.

Factors Influencing Compensation Claims

Passengers tend to file a compensation claim due to these reasons:

1. Schedule change. Alterations to flight schedules by a company can be exasperating for passengers who might have organized their plans around the primary departure time. In certain cases, customers may be eligible for compensation from EasyJet if the timetable modification is substantial enough.

2. Flight disruptions. If the flight is delayed, cancelled, or overbooked, you have the right to reimbursement according to EU Regulation 261/2004. The extent of EasyJet flight delay compensation can vary on specific conditions of the disturbance.

3. Flight cancellations. This reason ranks among the most vexing encounters a passenger can face. However, if your flight is terminated, you might have grounds for compensation for a cancelled flight under certain circumstances.

4. Extraordinary circumstances. This situation appears when things are beyond the airline`s control, such as natural calamities, climatic conditions, or air traffic control constraints. EasyJet customers are not entitled to remuneration for flight disturbances caused by extraordinary situations.

Passenger Profiles Most Likely to Claim Compensation

Even though it is possible to take advantage of the airline in case of delay or cancellation, a small percentage of passengers claim compensation. This fact might seem surprising because there is the potential to pocket up to £600.

According to a study conducted by a consumer organisation in the UK, only four out of ten passengers (per cent) who could receive compensation due to a flight delay actually collected it from the airline. The explanation is simple – they do not want to waste their time and effort.

View of airliner wings on window. Photo: Unsplash
View of airliner wings on window. Photo: Unsplash

The Impact on EasyJet and the Airline Industry

Being a trailblazing low-cost airline, EasyJet has revolutionised the airline industry since its foundation in 1995.

This provider has managed to become one of the most popular airlines thanks to its innovative business model. The company is focused on point-to-point routes, primarily serving secondary and regional airports. Thanks to this, EasyJet is able to reduce costs and offer competitive fares.

In addition to that, the airline has embraced digital technology, so their customers can book flights directly. Also, the company offers a range of ancillary services to enhance travel experience.


It is not surprising that EasyJet has become one of the most popular airlines in the UK. Their offers are competitive because they are known for their point-to-point approach. However, even this successful low-cost provider has to face delays and cancellation issues. The good news for passengers is that it is not hard to get compensation from EasyJet.

To receive it, you need to know your passenger rights and in what cases you are eligible for compensation. You can easily find this information in detail on the EasyJet official website.

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