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Age just a number for 80-year-old still working at Pratt and Gelsthorpe Limited, Baldertongate, Newark

He may have just celebrated his 80th birthday, but Pat McDonald has no intention of quitting work.

Pat works full-time at Pratt and Gelsthorpe Limited, Baldertongate, Newark, where he has worked for the past 16 years.

And he is hoping to be there for many years to come, despite being well past retirement age.

Pat McDonald
Pat McDonald

“I come to work every day because it is in my blood.

“I am under the impression that I don’t feel my age, I have always been active and intend to carry on working for many more years.”

“I have known friends of mine who pack up working and all of a sudden they get illness. It is better to keep your body and mind active.”

Pat, originally from Wexton, Ireland, but now living in Newark, celebrated his 80th birthday on Sunday.

Pat McDonald
Pat McDonald

He has never taken a day off sick over the past few years and continues to work full-time, 8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

He continues to wash cars, maintain the yard, sweep up and get rid of old tyres and help with MOTs.

Pratt and Gelsthorpe Limited is a family business of 105 years and it is currently owned by Richard Gelsthorpe.

Pat met Richard’s dad many years ago when he bought a Mini Cooper at the car dealership.

Pat McDonald
Pat McDonald

At the time, he was working as a builder, before he quit and joined the company.

Richard Gelsthorpe said: “We have other people working here past their retirement age, but to achieve the markstone of 80, Pat is the one.

“He thrives on working, he likes his routine but it is nice that someone wants to carry on working here when they don’t have to.

“Pat is a character. It is a pleasure to have him around, all the customers know him and they like to see him.”

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