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People around Newark share thoughts on Bonfire Night and fireworks displays

With Bonfire Night coming up, fireworks will be seen and heard all over the country, so the Advertiser went out into Newark to find out people’s thoughts on it.

Some councils are struggling to afford public events, so more people could be hosting their own fireworks party at home.

People are being urged to be mindful of their neighbours, pets and children when having their own displays because they could cause distress..

From left to right: Jo Redgrove, Henry Redgrove and Judith Brown (60295334)
From left to right: Jo Redgrove, Henry Redgrove and Judith Brown (60295334)

Newark resident Mrs Margaret Dermott said: “I think fireworks are fine, they’re lovely, I like them.

“But I think they should be organised displays, the ones that people buy to do at home are not ideal.”

Her friend Mrs Julia Collier added: “There are too many injuries, they will be doing it from now until Christmas and I don’t think shops should sell them.”

“I think it should be somewhere that you have to have a licence.

“I mean, you have to have a licence to have a gun but you go to a shop and buy literally a bomb.

“Why is that allowed?”

David Wyatt and Bobby (60295340)
David Wyatt and Bobby (60295340)

Councils have been appealing to its residents to choose low-noise effect fireworks this year.

During a visit to Newark, Charlotte Atkinson said: “I don’t have kids,I don’t have pets, so I think my perspective is different.

“I am a fan of fireworks but I understand why people wouldn’t be.

“I think if you're doing fireworks it is nice if you give advance warning to people who do have pets and children so that they can be away from the area whenever that is occurring, I think that is the polite thing to do, but I personally quite like fireworks.”

Most people that we spoke to agreed that public displays organised by local authorities are more controlled and safe, and voted to be ideal.

Sofie Debenish and Gatsby (60295337)
Sofie Debenish and Gatsby (60295337)

“Fireworks do frighten me,” said Newark resident Pauline Cobb.

In a mix of opinions between fireworks being outdated, or scary for people or animals, some people still love the colourful show and are supportive of the displays.

Newark residents Joyce Cox and Barbara Meads (60295343)
Newark residents Joyce Cox and Barbara Meads (60295343)

“I think fireworks should be an organised display. It doesn’t really affect my dogs my I know one who gets really disturbed by it,” said resident Judith Brown.

“My dog is completely fine with fireworks. He was brought up on a boat originally and everybody at the marina had fireworks.

“I really love the look of fireworks,” said David Wyatt.

Whatever your views, make sure you enjoy bonfire night safely.

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