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Pitching for turbine


A wind turbine could be installed on Butt Field, Bingham, to help provide electricity and heating for the new pavilion.

Bingham Town Council’s recreation and cemetery committee agreed on Tuesday to submit a planning application.

The turbine would have three-metre blades on top of a 15-metre free-standing tower.

It is expected to cost around £31,000.

The application would be made on behalf of Bingham Town Youth Football Club.

Its chairman, Mr Steve McRobie, said: “If it went ahead, there is a potential to save over two tonnes of carbon emissions a year. It is a great message for the council and the sports clubs that use the facilities.

“There are the green advantages but it also helps offset the electricity costs for us.”

The club could explore putting extra energy generated back into the National Grid.

It is also looking to put a display in the pavilion reception to show visitors how much energy is generated and utilised.

The club hopes to pay for most of the project through grants because wind power is a sustainable energy.

It plans to apply to E.ON, the Low Carbon Building Programme and the Community Sustainability Programme.

Grants have already been received to install a ground source heat pump, costing £35,084, from EDF Energy, the Low Carbon Building Programme and the Community Sustainability Programme.

The pump has a loop buried underground that can transfer heat from the ground into the building.

The turbine would generate electricity to run the pump.

Town councillors raised concerns about the location of the turbine, querying whether nearby trees would reduce its effectiveness.

Mr McRobie said: “There is a possibility of that but the location has been suggested by the installers.”

He said the background to the turbine would be the industrial estate, and the only residents who could possibly see it were on St Mary’s Road.

The committee chairman, Mr Frank Kerry, said he was sceptical at first but now supported the idea because of the money it could save.

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