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Police sergeants take desk jobs


Five of ten front-line police sergeants dealing with 999 calls in Newark and Sherwood are being switched to desk jobs.

The Home Office wants to return as many officers as possible to the streets, and the county force claims the move will achieve it.

In Nottinghamshire, beat teams are responsible for every day policing, while response drivers answer emergency calls.

Five teams of response drivers commanded by sergeants worked round-the-clock shifts in Newark and five worked in Southwell, from where Sherwood was covered.

One sergeant from Newark and one from Southwell are to be put in the control room at Mansfield, a role currently shared between all ten. Mansfield and Ashfield division loses two to the control room as well.

Two Newark and Sherwood sergeants are taking desk jobs in a unit to allocate jobs attended by the response teams to follow-on teams.

This is intended to help the remaining response drivers get straight back out on to the road.

The fifth sergeant is to be at the cells at Newark Police station.

The five remaining sergeants will command drivers throughout Newark and Sherwood, rather than just in their particular half of the district.

The response drivers based at Southwell are now working from Newark and Ollerton.

The force said the key responsibilities of response teams was to deal with the primary investigation of a crime.

They make arrests, conduct searches, take initial statements.

The divisional commander, Chief Superintendent David Colbeck said: “We will conduct a three-month review to assess the impact of the changes and to ensure we are achieving maximum effectiveness.”

Nottinghamshire Police is spending £1m recruiting new control room call handlers to improve its response to crimes.

The 33 extra staff will work at Mansfield, which covers the northern area of the county, and at Sherwood Lodge which covers the south and the city over the next year.

The command structure in Newark and Sherwood and Bassetlaw is changing again — to the system that was abandoned a year ago.

Then, the area was split into two, each commanded by a chief inspector.

Now, the Newark and Sherwood Chief Inspector, Mark Holland has taken charge of response policing for Newark and Sherwood and Bassetlaw.

The chief inspector for Bassetlaw, Glenn Harper, will oversee policing both districts.

Chief Inspector Holland will be based at Newark and Chief Inspector Harper at Worksop.

Inspector Martin Holford remains as the chief of police for the Newark area while Inspector Andy Gan remains in charge of Sherwood, covering Southwell and Ollerton areas.

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