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Reader's letter: Poor planning

I completely agree with Paul Baggaley (Plan Is Not Fit For Purpose, News Views, May 20). If the site off Bowbridge Road is allocated for housing then I do not see how the application can be turned down.

However, I truly hope the planning officers and planning committee can come up with a good reason because that area of Newark simply cannot cope with more homes.

This seems to be a classic example of someone sitting in Castle House ­— or Kelham Hall at the time ­— looking at any spare pieces of land on a map to allocate for housing without once considering local infrastructure or the impact on residents.

If they had taken a closer look at the area they would have quickly realised that there was no way Bowbridge Road was capable of servicing the sheer volume of houses proposed for the various sites off it.

It is already regularly gridlocked, and that is before all the approved houses are built, never mind this latest application.

I fear it is too late to do anything about this latest application for 87 homes, but planners, next time you a have to produce your development plan, please consider the wider implications and not just housing targets. ­— A. CLOKE, Newark, via email.

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