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Newark Advertiser reader letter: Prisoners of a modern age

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As a rather aged pensioner, trapped as I am in the current world of modern technology, I am getting increasingly worried by the levels of rubbish arriving through my letterbox from companies that assume I have all the trappings of computers and associated paraphernalia that goes with the annoying things.

I do not want the pesky contraptions, I do not want to try and understand the things, and, due to the financial circumstances that are plaguing all in the country, I certainly cannot afford one.

Yet, businesses, including local authorities, are forever rattling my letterbox with special deals and offers with big discounts, just as long as I make contact with them by the dreaded internet.

Letter. (30235478)
Letter. (30235478)

If one tries the old way of picking up the phone one hasn’t got a hope in hell.

Obnoxious music, taking days to get someone to pick up, recorded messages. Why is it so difficult to talk to people today?!

I have tried continually for nearly two months to talk to my gas and electricity providers and submit a meter reading. No chance!

I just keep getting obnoxious recordings that tell me to go to www.co.uk

But what about the rubbish service I’m getting,with staff generally brainwashed as they are, staring at a screen, wearing plug-in hearing aids with attitudes that are frightening.

And don’t try to get anything these days without signing a dreaded direct debit form.

It is all becoming very discriminatory. They are getting very badly carried away in this modern world.

Let’s all protest very loudly.

We are all becoming prisoners of www.dot.com. ­— D. Underwood, Newark.

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