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Reader's letter: Protect environment for our children

I read that the Peak District’s last surviving mountain hares are at risk, and a new coal mine is planned for Cumbria.

Doesn’t anyone make the connection? The hares may be under threat due to global warming. A new mine will contribute to global warming.

Have we all forgot about climate change due to Brexit and the pandemic?

It is monstrous to think this mine will go ahead.

Our climate change targets are beginning to look like a sick joke. And sick we will all become if we don’t start taking the environment seriously.

If we don’t look after the environment it will not look after us.

A new mine is not the answer.

Air pollution kills 29,000 people in the UK alone.

Air pollution is only one issue. Lets not forget climate change, litter, waste, soil contamination, water pollution.

The state of urban and rural areas deteriorates before our very eyes.

And what about our woods and forests and rivers and lakes and mountains, our wildlife and birdlife, even the state of our country footpaths?

The country will be no different in the years to come if we do so little about the environment.

Our children and our children’s children will never forgive us if we allow the hares to be killed by mines.

If we continue to pay only lip service to all the environment issues that face us, this magical island will be no more. ­— ADRIAN AMER, Newark.

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