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Reader’s letter: The pain of a modern mortgage

If I were fortunate enough to earn £144,230 a week, getting on the property market would be a doddle.

But, not being the chairman of NatWest Bank, I have to get by on, to him, a pittance.

My wife and I tied the knot on April 1, 1967 — no jokes, please, about being an April fool.


Back then, the government offered any couple that married before the end of the tax year (then April 6) you could claim back all the income tax you had paid during that tax year, so we were not the only couple opting for an April 1 wedding.

This is just an aside to the whole issue of costs for a modern-day mortgage.

My repayments to the Bradford and Bingley Building Society were, by coincidence, exactly the same as a council house rent.

So there you have a direct comparison to modern day costs.

It would be interesting to know what is the council house rent now and, vis a vis, what the equivalent mortgage would be. — C. HOBBY, Newark.

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