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Balderton reader's letter: More important matters

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I have spoken to friends about the Advertiser article regarding what the council is hoping (no doubt will) want to do with the Buttermarket (Educational Plan for Buttermarket, January 6).

To be honest, none of us really understood what they were on about.

The only certain thing is that they are itching to support their egos and to spend more to ensure that the income/spending for the following year is covered.

Letter. (30301531)
Letter. (30301531)

We have a financial system of public spending that, if a council does not spend its monies in a fiscal year, it is cut the following one.

It reminds me of my final years at school in the 1950s. If the school was arriving at year end with funds still in the kitty, they bought another cine projector.

This town is dying and shops are closing. Councils and therefore councillors, should be really turning their attention to the real problems all of us face ­— survival.

Either that or we should be looking for different people, ones pledged to really do some good for everyone.

The motto of ‘working for a cleaner, safer, greener town’ is a joke and wants scrapping unless council staff actually clean this town up. For sure, we are not getting value for our money.

Our roads and gutters are full of rubbish, and the market square and other areas are dangerous to walk on, particularly for the elderly.

The more I see, and get frustrated about, maybe there should be a re-organisation of the public structure and cull the excess (in all its forms).

The public, the bulk of whom can be classed as poor, cannot and will not stand for it much longer.­ — Brian Clark, Balderton.

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