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Rebellious teens from Elston now wed for 60 years celebrate diamond wedding anniversary in Florida

It is the type of love story that usually only happens in films but for one couple it happened in real-life.

So determined were young sweethearts Michael and Noreen to marry that they went against their parents’ wishes, and even went to court for permission to wed.

And they are now preparing to celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary with a holiday in Florida.

Michael and Noreen Lupton od Elston, celebrating their diamond wedding anniversary. (59436245)
Michael and Noreen Lupton od Elston, celebrating their diamond wedding anniversary. (59436245)

Noreen and Michael Lupton, of Elston, married on September 29, 1962 ­— a day after Michael’s 19th birthday,

They met at 17 at a dance at Boots College, where Michael was the DJ.

“It was love at first sight, at least for me,” said Noreen.

“It was for me too,” added Michael.

The couple’s special song is What Is Love, by The Playmates, was the song playing when they had their first dance together that night.

“I still remember those words,” said Michael.

“And he still says I miss 5ft of heaven in a ponytail,” Noreen added.

Both of them worked for Boots from the age of 15, getting a day a week paid of education, at Boots College until they were 18.

Noreen, from Sutton on Trent and Michael, from Nottingham dated for 18 months before they decided they wanted to marry.

“We wanted to be together and get married, When both parents said no, we were determined to do it,” said Michael.

They were both 19 and needed to be 21 to be allowed to marry without their parents permission, so they took the case to the magistrates court.

None of the parents was happy when the police knocked on their doors with the summons from court.

In court, the magistrates listened to the pros and cons of the marriage, and at the end granted the couple permission.

The couple went on to have four children and eight grandchildren and have three great-grandchildren.

For the past 30 to 40 years they have been going to Florida on holiday, however, due to the pandemic they haven’t been three years.

“We really like Florida and we just thought we’d like to go for our wedding anniversary. Next year we are both 80 so we might again celebrate our 80th,” said Noreen.

The couple decided to have some time alone together, a celebration of their love.

Noreen said she loves the way Michael loves her and would do anything for her, while Michael loved Noreen’s constancy, as the one he can always count on.

“Our advice to youngsters is determination to be together, do not give up easily,” said Michael.

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