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Reader’s letter: Repairs would be a better use of resources

With most roads in Newark riddled with potholes — which are only ever temporarily repaired by dropping a bit of tar in the pothole and giving it a smack with a shovel, only to return a few weeks later to repeat the process and get paid again — it is money for old rope, as they say.

There’s no money to resurface roads or repair potholes correctly like we used to years ago, yet the council has money to waste making a nice wide accessible junction at Windsor Road/Avenue, Newark, into a very narrow junction that is now difficult to navigate.

Large vehicles will have to mount the curb to turn into the junction. Turning left off Windsor Road, most vehicles will have to either mount the curb or cross over the white line or both.


Lorry drivers stand no chance.

The money could have been spent far more wisely on other roads sorting potholes out properly, etc.

As for the new junction, I’m sure the people who designed it and approved it obviously don’t drive or if they do they have no knowledge of this area whatsoever.

Maybe it’s the anti motorist brigade doing their work again.

It won’t long before we start seeing accidents here.

Well done — another junction made dangerous. — M. CARTER, via email.

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