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Reader's letter: Repugnant past cannot be altered

I stand aligned with our MP Robert Jenrick on the issue of renaming William Gladstone Academy, Newark.

We cannot change history, and no matter how repugnant slavery seems to us now, it has been an unfortunate fact of life since the dawn of time.

Every country shares a history of bad decisions and mistakes ­— that is part of our past.

As for the fact the name change was driven by the black lives matter campaign, this was a bad error of judgment in my opinion.

This is change only for political correctness.

All lives matter.

The name William Gladstone Academy served the school well for years and, after all, it is the standard of education, not the name of the school, that’s important here.

The school should be educating and informing its pupils of our history, not cancelling our culture and wasting money on rebranding.

Its head and school governors should focus on raising educational standards for the pupils’ benefit, and then there might not be an Ofsted report saying the school needs to improve.

You can call a school by any name, but at the end of the day, it’s the teachers who make the school. ­— C. HOBBY, Newark.

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