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Resident calls for dangerous Sir William Robertson Academy bus route to change

A concerned resident claims school children are being put at risk because of a dangerous bus route.

Stagecoach, which runs Newark buses to and from Sir William Robertson Academy, Welbourn, travels through Leadenham, where, it is claimed, a narrow road causes potentially dangerous problems.

A SCREENSHOT of a video taken by Mr Everett (43612772)
A SCREENSHOT of a video taken by Mr Everett (43612772)

Martyn Everett, of Leaden-ham, said: “Frequently buses are driven along the pavement of the High Street.

“On occasions, they have become wedged while trying to pass each other.

“The main pinch point is where an alleyway at Post Office Yard emerges on to the High Street.

“Vision is obscured by buildings and this alleyway is mainly used by school children at the time that the buses are passing.”

Mr Everett recorded an incident on September 25 when two school buses were wedged in the road when trying to pass each other on the High Street.

“My concern is for the safety of the children,” he said.

“How would they have escaped in the event of an emergency such as a fire? The exit doors were wedged against the wall.

“One bus was entangled in the branches of a tree in the adjacent garden.

“To get out of the situation, each bus took it in turns to move a few inches.

“Eventually, the blue bus drove some 150 yards along the pavement, including the section where Post Office Yard footpath joins the High Street.

“Not long after this incident, an ambulance on blue lights came along the High Street.”

“I would not have been happy for any child of mine to be on that bus,” he said.

A spokesman for Stage-coach East Midlands said action was being taken to resolve the issue.

“Following issues with car parking near the school causing access issues, we have worked with Lincolnshire County Council highway officers and Sir William Robertson Academy to introduce a new voluntary one-way system for buses through the village at school times to avoid them meeting in the most congested area of the route,” they said.

“Since the introduction of the one-way system in November, we have seen a significant improvement with access through this area.

“Safety is our absolute priority. The current routes for school buses through Leadenham have been reviewed and agreed with representatives of the highway authority and the school.”

Sir William Robertson Academy has also been contacted for a comment.

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